Horowitz 80th birthday concert, 26/5/06

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  1. PeterBale

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    Hadleigh, Essex
    19:00, Friday 26th May 2006

    Concert Hall, Royal College of Music

    ** Joseph Horovitz: An 80th Birthday Celebration **

    Joseph Horovitz conductor**
    Janet Hilton conductor
    RCM Wind Orchestra and Brass Ensemble
    Nigel Black conductor*
    Simon Dobson conductor ^

    Joseph Horovitz Sinfonietta*
    Concertino classico^
    Ballet for Band**
    Music Hall Suite for brass quintet
    Ad astra
    Dance Suite **

    With free admission this should be a great evening. The above details are taken from the RCM web site, but I understand from previous annoncements that the brass band items are to be played by Zone One Brass. Just a pity they're not including his euphonium concerto (I do understand, however, that it is shortly to be recorded by Steven Mead with orchestral accompaniment).
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