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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by madsaz, May 13, 2008.

  1. madsaz

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    Hi there, looking for help / advice please.

    I have recently switched from cornet to Horn & kind of feel like I have found "my instrument".I was technically good on a cornet, but without a decent sound - I have found that seems to make me technically pretty good on Horn, but I really have to get a better sound if I want to keep enjoying it.

    Obviously any tips will be gratefully recieved.

    However, I would love to get a short course of tuition from someone who really knows what they are doing, just to see if they can help me. I don't think I need lots of fingering/technique work, I think its all going to be about embouchure, breathing and sound.....

    I have an extremely chaotic life as a junior doc, so couldn't commit to lessons forever, plus shifts would make timing odd, so I would like to find someone who could take me say for 6-8 weeks, accepting there may be a weeks gap for night shifts. I don't mind travelling if it is something I can make happen.

    I am based in tameside but work in Salford so central manchester options could be good too.

    I have tried searching on google and classifieds here and on other sites, but haven't come up with much. Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved.


    Sara x
  2. Hells Bones

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    If you can get a week off in August you can do a week of playing at the IBBSS in Swansea and get a lesson with Owen Farr (Solo Horn, Cory) as part of the package.

    P.S. Is Gilbert still parping with Ashton on BBb bass?
  3. madsaz

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    week off in August - not a hope sadly, spending too much time at conferences at the moment.

    Gilbert has just done spring festival with us and hung up his 2 pairs of rehearsal glasses & japanese sniper outfit (unless he fancies a crack at something else) so we are looking for a BBb bass.

    Looks a good crack though (she says having read the prospectus) maybe I'll bear it in mind for another year.
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  4. Hells Bones

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    Awww poo!

    I know Gilbert from when I was Solo Trom at Delph, he is a regular in the band club there.
  5. FlugelD

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    Willing to be shot down by an expert...

    Horn is about sound, and to improve that, lots of long notes, especially pedals. Fill the beggar, and project - think BIG.

    Good luck :tup
  6. madsaz

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    filling and projectiong are fine.

    Its just that my dubious attempts at vibrato sound more like Cher riding a penny farthing.

    And I think that probably needs one to one.

    In the meantime have consigned myself to low notes (very neccesary for range too) and lots of lip slurs.
  7. Hells Bones

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    I'm sorry, but I don't know of any horn specialists in or around stalyvegas.

    Any peri teachers in the band?
  8. horn1

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    Might be worth getting in touch with Salford Uni and seeing who their horn tutor is. Then you could approach about private lessons. When I was there it was shona but I haven't a clue who is there now!
  9. Aidan

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    Yep it's Sheona at Salford.
    I'd offer to help, but not sure how much free time I have either!
  10. huggie

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    Hi there

    I found this article and remembered your post, I thought it might be of interest to you.


    I would suggest that you experiment with the different types of vib described untill you find one your are comfortable with. Don't expect instant results, hang in there and be patient. I returned to playing 6 months ago after a lay off of 14 years. At first I went through a panic stage for a short spell, I suspect that you may be doing the same.

    Good Luck
  11. HBB

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    Think it's a little bit more than just sound though!
  12. FlugelD

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    OK, moving the valves occasionally might help... :rolleyes:

    I was actually repeating the advice I was given when I moved from (2nd?) cornet to 1st horn 30+ years ago...