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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by grandfilth, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. grandfilth

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    Im getting bored of playing the same old rubbish...any suggestions?
  2. WorldofBrass.com

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    Sheona White recorded 3 solos with the Enfield Citadel Band earlier this year on a CD called Journey into Freedom;

    Two of the solos were from Salvation Army repertoire and the third was a non-SA solo from Peter Graham called Episode for Horn.

    The two Salvation Army solos (with band accompaniment) are both available on our website.
    First of all, The Depths of His Love by James Curnow is a slow melody type;
    The other, The Old Rustic Bridge by Erik Leidzen is a theme and variations solo;

    I'm sure these won't bore you!
  3. Well, not to mention her solo cd: "The Voice of the Tenor Horn"... Many good horn solos on that one
  4. tewkeshorn

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    Don't know how long it's been out, but recently I discovered Concert Rondo which I quite like, and also He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother.

    Theres always Piper O' Dundee which the rest of my band laughs at when I say I'll play it... :)
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    Hmmmmm... Darroll Barrys 'The first time if ever i saw you face' is really good! :D
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    k cheers il have a look
  7. WorldofBrass.com

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  8. flashbarry

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    Here are a few of mine:

    One Day in Your Life
    Your Song
    The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (for Donna Lewis of Leyland Band)
    On My Own from Les Miserables
    The Summer Knows
    Ticket To Ride
    Arabesque (for Donna again!!!)

    If you need any publishers details send us an email or om.

  9. Dago

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    Tenor Horn Solos


    Afton Water - Leigh Baker
    Three Times a Lady - Lionel Richie arr. Simon Wood
    Londonderry Air - arr. Kevin Ackford
    Concertino for Tenor Horn - Iain Rayner

  10. blue_smarties

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    One of my favorites is Martin Ellerby's Concerto for Eb Horn, the middle and last movement are really nice. I also really like The Debutante by Herbert L Clarke which isn't a 'proper' horn solo but sounds dead good all the same!! Masquerade by Philip Sparks really nice too, but very long!! :)
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    These are the solos our horn player has played recently which sound fantastic (or maybe that's just his fantabulousness!!! :wink: )
    In no particular order

    • On my own (although i would vote for anything from les mis even if it was a terrible arrangement!!! but this one isn't!!!)
      Goodbye to love
      He aint heavy, he's my brother
      Air and Rondo

    Dawn x x
  12. Aidan

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    you looking for some flash stuff pannel? (methinks you are prob)
    theres not enough good technical (NO... NOT BLOODY AIR VAIRIES!!!!) solo's around for the horn at the moment. Most of the decent ones mentionned you've prob done to death anyway. You played the ellerby out yet? that would be a good'un to try. I know you've done masquerade before.. is that avail with band accomp? bit of a lip *beep* but would be *beep* hot in the 1st half. Prob done the mendelsohn (cant spell.. cba getting dictionary) too, but thats good too.
    Keep in touch mate
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    The band accompianment isn't officially published, but i'm trying to get a copy (will let ya know if i ever have any luck...). Other newish pieces are Aria (also by Sparke, slow piece), and Philip Wilby's horn concerto which isn't out yet (not heard it yet).

    Been so desperate for stuff to play i've been digging through my old repertoire this xmas and come across some gems -
    Jenny Jones (the easy one)
    Variations on a Welsh Theme (again...)
    Mountain Melody & September Fantasy (not among Mr Ball's finest works)

    and after playing through them quickly realised why they were still there - somebody write us some decent solos! :?
  14. Aidan

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    I've heard the first 2 movements.. or maybe it was the 1st and 3rd.. not sure.. (arfon can you remmeber?)
    and i have to say it didnt strike me as having too much new to say.. very much like all the rest of his solo stuff. lots of chromatic descending lip flexes which seem to be his soloistic fingerprint ;) not a patch on the ellerby in my opinion though. Mind you the piano accomp can change a whole piece and i've only heard/seen the solo part, so who knows ;)

    agreed with the "write us some new decent music" plea though!!!
  15. tewkeshorn

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    Just had a thought, I reckon we should start arranging our own solos.
    I'm sure quite a few of the tmp resident arrangers could easily put together some accompiament if provided with a soloist part.

    Then we can play as high/low as we like and for those of use who hate tripletonguing (ie me!), just leave that out and have lots of doubletonguing instead!

    And this has given me another idea for another thread...hmm I've spent too much time at home getting bored!
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    Back in the dark ages :oops: before I discovered the easy way of rehearsing, i.e., play a BBb bass :wink: I played higgyjig by Goff Richards

    Technical in places :p , fun in others :) , and a rather delightful slow melody in the middle :cry: Great fun to play 8)

    The best part is to hold the pause on a top D for as long as you can, to annoy the conductor mor e than anything else :lol:

    Another of my old favourites was Streets of London. Don't know if it is still published though.

    Otherwise just nick any Sop solo :idea: :twisted:
  17. HBB

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    The only bit I couldn't do in that blasted solo was the realy fast chromatic solo at the end.... it really annoyed me.. because I can't use the piece until I can play it! (Although the piano part's a knightmare for that part! ;))
  18. PeterBale

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    Does anyone play Gareth Wood's "Concertino", as recorded o the Dyke "Concerto" cd? It certainly seems an attractive work, and I love the Kurt Weill feel to it.

    And what about Gilbert Vinter's "Hunter's Moon" - has that been done for tenor horn with band accompaniment?
  19. tewkeshorn

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    I've got the shortened version of Woods Concertino with Piano, never heard the full version though, probably got the extra hard bits in that I couldnt play!
  20. Kernow

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    Hi Grandfilth (good name by the way). as a horn player myself I have done 4 horn solos for band, 2 originals and 2 arrangements. I see that someone has kindly mentioned my arrangement of Londonderry Air, which does go down well as everyone knows it. I will email sample solo parts to you of the 4 solos for you to have a look at. If you like any of them, get in touch and I will point you in the direction of where you can get them.