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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Chunky, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Chunky

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    A good friend of mine is about to change from playing cornet to horn. They are technically a strong player with good tone.

    However they are looking for advice on books / music etc to assist the transition.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Rapier

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    It's not much of change really. Just practise pitching it, it's not as high as they may think it is. They'll be great on the top notes and struggle down the botom for a while though. ;)

    I still practise on the cornet everyday before doing my 'proper' practise on the Horn. Seems to help keep the lip in trim.
  3. tam-tam2

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    Seem to remember you from the Whits, Chunky! Anyway, I am a cornet player but a while ago I agreed to help my band on horn (it was a once off and they will not prize me away from my cornet!!) I did find the lower register difficult but I played Solo Horn so there wasn't really much low stuff for me. The low stuff and feeling the pitch will be the most difficult thing and only hard work will, I think make it come naturally. As long as the person in question can pitch the correct notes and has a good sound I'm sure the rest will come naturally! gOOD LUCK!
  4. peatair

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    Practice until the pitch becomes second nature. A lot of brass band music is written with the horns in harmony - often second horn at the bottom, 1st in the middle and Solo at the top. Getting the balance right between the 3 horns is important. Obviously, if you are to play second then the lower notes will be more crucial. However, don't neglect any of the range since music is also written with the 3 horns in unison!!

    I don't know whether you will find the same thing, but rather more air is needed to sustain lower passages of music if the volume is f or ff. Hence, practice the parts and get the breathing right.

    A final thought - tuning. I've often heard it said that the only way to get 3 horns in tune is if two of them are dead!! One of those daft sayings but tuning / intonation requires a lot of attention. No "triggers" or 4th valves on horns.

    Would love to hear other views from experienced players about all this.
  5. gargoyle

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    Just use page one from arban and you will be ok!
  6. FlugelD

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    Having skipped about the band(s) over the years (sop to Eb bass, and everything in between..), 'tuning' the ear to the new pitch is the first problem - just needs a bit extra practice until it's natural.

    T'other thing is range - hit the low notes until pedal C's are comfy.

  7. the move from cornet to horn doesnt seem like a bad move considering the people who i know who have made the switch in the past, a player i know moved from front row cornet to tenor horn and its the best move he has made in playing in brass bands, certainly for as long as ive known him anyway.