Horn player moving to central london

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Charlie_Ross, Sep 10, 2006.

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    Im about to start studying at University College London. Im a Grade 8 Tenor horn player and have been playing 2nd Horn in Towcester Studio Band for the past year and was Princepal Horn in my school band, Sponne School, which has been asked to play in the school proms in Novemer.


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    Central London??.....

    He might not fancy the 30 quid train fare each week to get to rehearsals, being a student! :oops:
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    If you fancy a blow with aveley at any point give us a buzz.
  5. Keith

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    Zone One is looking for a second horn at the mo. You won't have to travel that far as we are based in South Kensington and practice on a Sunday morning. PM me if you are interested.
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    I definitely know of members living along the tube line (for Welwyn) and other than Zone One and Fulham, I do not believe there are any other bands in Central London.
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    try looking on a map.

    welwyn is 15 miles off the edge of the tube network.
    fulham is not in central london.
    and there are bands closer than either to the centre.
    apart from that, you were spot on.
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    I would recommend Crystal Palace in "sarf" London, a well run band with a very good MD.
    They are well worth the travelling time to get to.
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    So, which bands are the ones closer to the centre?? If you have information that might help why not share it??

    Post constructively rather than negatively!!!
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    Fulham is GENERALLY considered to be central as it is in Zone 2. When you compare THAT to the rest of administrative, "Inside the M25" or geographic London, and to the locale of other bands, it is.

    More pertinently, Edward, as Parson's Green is only three stops down from Earl's Court, Fulhams's location is very accessible from just about anywhere in London.

    (In fairness, one should point out that East London Brass fit the bill as well, also in Zone 2, though the lack of underground line nearby makes them less attractive for late night return journeys. Nice bunch, though.)

    PM me for more details of Fulham if you're interested.
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    my understanding is that from anywhere near UCL, the closest zone 2 bands would definitely be east london and regent (which is very good for tube access). but i suppose you could quibble all day about where central london is, if you really wanted an argument.
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    im going to be living next to the main university campus so im looking for a band thats within zone 1 or 2 as i cant afford to travel any further than that
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    Yes, but this list misses of a couple of non registered bands that you may want to check out.

    Enfield Brass Band - www.enfieldbrassband.co.uk (transport availalbe from northern line tube stop)

    Borehamwood Brass Band

    Then, of couse the bands closest to central London that are on this list are Fulham, Regent, East London

    Thanks, Simon

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    Your understanding is flawed. (Anybody want to cry "As usual!" at this point?)

    From UCL to Northwold School is between 46 and 50 minutes (to their normal rehearsal venue - they are somewhere else for the summer) and it's only 35 minutes to Parson's Green. So, whilst there is no debate about Regent being the closest (26 -29 minutes) "definitely" is simply wrong for East London, now isn't it?

    Edward, (the original poster) PM me and I'll give you a Londoner's view on the quickest routes to all the bands in London from UCL.

    And I'm sure you'll find that most tMPers are more helpful than Some People are proving to be in this thread.