Horn player looking for band - South London/Surrey borders

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Paulst7, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Paulst7

    Paulst7 New Member

    Hello all.

    I have recently moved to the south London area for work and am looking for a band in the area. Most of my playing experience has been solo horn with 2nd/3rd section bands but have depped for 1st section at contests. Hope someone can suggest somewhere - seems to be a brass banding desert here!

    Thank you :)
  2. davidquinlan

    davidquinlan Member

    New Southgate, London
  3. Texus

    Texus Member

    or pm me if you fancy a blow at northfleet.
    we rehearse in bexley, south london.
    good hunting!
  4. sooze booze

    sooze booze Member

    Barton on Humber, Nth Lincs
    My brother plays for Epsom & Ewell Silver Band. They have a website and are known as EESB, google it and you'll find it easily. They qualified for the finals in section 2 in Sept and are promoted to section 1 from Jan 2009.

    They're a friendly bunch, why not contact them via their website?
  5. Owen S

    Owen S Member

    I have a decent idea of which bands are where in the area, but south London/Surrey is quite a long area. Where are you exactly?

    We do have a full horn section in Egham at the moment, but you'd certainly be welcome to come for a blow.
  6. kjm

    kjm Member

    Becontree Brass are looking for Horn players. We will require Solo Horn (Principal) and 2nd Horn from end of July.

    I'm not sure how it would work for you travel wise, but we are based at Barnardos Village Barkingside. We are a 5 mins walk from Barkingside Tube on the Central line. We rehearse on Mondays from 8pm - 10pm.
    We are a very friendly band and we would warmly welcome you.

    Kind regards

  7. SimonEESB

    SimonEESB New Member

    Worcester Park
    Horn vacancy waiting for one lucky player...!


    Where do you live?

    I am the chairman of Epsom and Ewell band (ESSB). We have just been promoted to the 1st Section and we are off to Harrogate in September for the national finals (2nd Section).

    In an amazing twist of fate, we have just lost one of our horns to pregancy (ie. she is looking after her new baby, not Lost with a capital 'L'!). So we are looking for a decent player to fill the gap.

    I'm not going to blah on about what a great band we are. Suffice to say that we are friendly and tolerant (!), we do enough playing to keep you happy without ruining your summer and we do the occasional interesting project - this year it's a conducting masterclass with Bob Childs in November. Last year it was a stage version of "Brassed Off" with a dramatic society.

    So... we are really in a position to both want and need you. Hopefully you live close to us and please don't make me beg!!

    Give me a shout on the e-mail address below when you get a chance.

    Simon Hill
  8. SimonEESB

    SimonEESB New Member

    Worcester Park
    For anyone eagle-eyed enough to spot it... yes I did register expressly for the purpose of replying to this thread!
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