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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by fiona20, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. fiona20

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    Im beginning a job in London on the 3rd September and looking for a new band. I played solo horn with NYBBS from 2001-2005 & solo horn with Elland Silver/Campbeltown Brass. Ive played in other bands in yorkshire too - Kippax and Yorkshire coop. Ideally id like to play solo or 1st horn in a 1st/2nd band (or second horn in a championship i guess)!

    Any offers let me know on his2fmb@leeds.ac.uk


  2. Redhorn

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    Where abouts in London?
    If its East, Becontree are looking for a solo horn.
    Can't remember the contact details, but tMP's Peter Bale is a member- so PM him!
  3. PeterBale

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    Hi Fiona,

    I can certainly recommend Becontree, depending on whereabouts you are based. We practise just round the corner from Barkingside tube station on the Central Line, 8 till 10 on Mondays. We're quite a friendly crew, with a new MD in Graham Chambers, librarian with the LSO, guaranteed to bring plenty of laughs to rehearsal, as well as lots of hard work ;)

    The band's webite is http://www.becontree.org
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  4. Owen S

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    Yes, London has very few bands in the centre, and not that many further out, at least if you bear in mind quite how many people live there. Once you have a better idea where in London you'll be living, or at least where you'll be working, it'll be easier to help you out.
  5. cornetcheese

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    I conduct Regent Brass, who are a 1st section band and rehearse in Willesden Green, on the Jubilee Line. They are one of the most central London bands, in zone 2! www.regentbrass.com

    Becontree are also a great bunch to play for - I certainly enjoyed playing for them a great deal!

    I think I may know you from up north???
  6. fiona20

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    yeah i think you probs do know me, in a friend of a friend sort of way! I played solo horn with Mhairi Holmer and Rachel Baxter(Love) at NYBBS all those years ago!
  7. Garry Ambrose

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    If you are in the North / North West area St Albans City Band (1st Section) are looking for a solo horn player. Please get in contact with Lynne Bailey on 07841 562545 (yorkshirepud@hotmail.com). Look forward to hearing from you.
  8. Paul B McLaughlin

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    Fulham are a third section band but aer looking for solo horn. Contact me on mclaughlinpb@googlemail.com and I'll give you details.

  9. Garry Ambrose

    Garry Ambrose New Member

    Hi Fiona

    You had been in contact with Matt Booth at St Albans. We'd love to see you. Can you contact Lynne Bailey on 07841 562545 (yorkshirepud@hotmail.com) to pick up wher you left off. Hope the job is working out OK.
  10. BbBill

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    Come back to Campbeltown Fiona!!!!
  11. fiona20

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    now willy,

    if there were any decent jobs in Campbeltown i would be back in a flash! Do miss the madness of c'town brass though, you never know, maybe one day!
    I see you've taken over organisation of those YABBGB, if there are any horn vacancies next time you go away do let me know!