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  1. turnerjames63

    turnerjames63 New Member

    hi all,
    i am thinking of buying a new mouthpiece and was wondering whether to get a traditional denis wick 2 or to try a heritage 2a.
    any experiences please??

    2nd horn : Hade Edge Band
    solo horn : Hade Edge Youth band
  2. turnerjames63

    turnerjames63 New Member

    just to add i am looking for the one which makes it easiest to achieve a full and rich sound. so is the heritage better at this than a normal DW??
    and what are the othere advantages/disadvantages??
  3. AndyG

    AndyG Member

    Hi, there have been several threads about this already:





    If anyone has anything else to add I'd be interested to hear it. Currently I'm on a standard DW 2 because I think it makes the best sound, but haven't got round to trying a heritage - I'd quite like to try it though.
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  4. turnerjames63

    turnerjames63 New Member

    kk cheers pal
  5. Vegasbound

    Vegasbound Active Member

    Mouthpiece choice is very personal and dependant on many factors such as embochure type,part played, practice regimen etc...

    Why do you wish to change? and no matter which you choose it comes down to time on your chops!!

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