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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Key2207, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Key2207

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    Hi :icon_biggrin:

    I'm thinking of getting a horn gig bag. Just wondering what sort of price i'd be looking at and if they are worth it or not.


    Keely x
  2. HorniKaz

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    I paid about £80 for my GIG bag from Trevada Music, but that was over 3 years ago now. Its definately worth checking out eBay Keely. They've been selling gig bags on there recently from as little as £20 for the same brand. It depends on which colour you decide to go for. The 2 tone purple definately seems to be the most popular. I'd observe whats going on for a while though. As soon as one i sold, another one pops up so bide your time a little. Happy shopping!

    Oh, & its definately worth it!!
  3. Rapier

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    I use a Witter Soundware Gig bag. Tough cordura and well padded with useful pockets etc but a bit pricey (but then so is my Horn) around £135 I think
  4. meandmycornet

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    Me and Mummy both have GIG gig bags, mine is purple and mummy's is black, I think Mum's was about £70/£75 from Trevada (Mummy's is a horn type of one!) and mine was just over £50 also from Trevada (but a cornet type one!) I think its definately worth it, especially with the Horn size one because Mummy can fit her music folder (a big lever arch file) in the back pocket and alsorts of bits and pieces in the front pocket so all she needs to cart about is the gig bag and they are really really light! I've so far decided that yes my cornet gig bag is lovely but i'll still need an extra bag for music :( although I can fit my mutes, six pegs, two pencils, mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, vaseline, lyre and various other bits and pieces in the two pockets :D so its pretty good really! and its heck of a lot lighter and easier to carry than a standard case!
  5. Hi i'm not sure how much they cost, but i just got a euph gig bag for christmas and it's fantastic, i would say they're definitely worth it!
  6. Jonesy

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    Well I never use a hard case, but all I'd say is that you do have to be a little more careful than you think with some gig bags. You can dent instruments easier than you might thing with the more flimsy ones if you catch them on something! Get a good sturdy one. It's much easier to be able to sling your instrument over your shoulder!
  7. MickM

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    Hi Keely!

    If you are interested i still have mine for sale.
    It's like brand new, comes with a free practice mute and a YBS tour of Australia sticker :icon_cheesygrin:
    Make me an offer!
  8. postie

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    I bought my wife a horn gig bag a while ago from Band Supplies I think it cost around about £80.00.
  9. horn1

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    I bought my GIG gig bag from Fred Rhodes for about £80 it's black and burgandy (and water proof I think!). It's fab! I can fit my music, a mute and 4 bottles of beer :) in the back pocket and lots of other useful stuff in the front pocket! Buy one! They're great!!!!!
  10. Key2207

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    I'm going to get one. Just waiting for some money to come my way, lol. I'll probably get a GIG type as I had that one for my cornet.

    Thanks for the advice

    Keely x
  11. persins

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    Not trying to put a downer on this thread but I used to use a gig bag for my cornet. I won't now!
    On the Maestro, the Bell was bent down so far that the bracket onto the valve case was almost ripped off. The 3rd valve slide was bent so far that it actually encroached onto the Valve casing and stopped the 3rd valve working. It is only the magic of Chris House at repairing the cornet that has saved it and made it lovely again.

    Gig bags are more convenient but the protection is nowhere near that of the hard case. Be very careful what you are using it for and don't just chuck it on the bus and hope for the best!!!
  12. Hornic

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    I got a horn GIG bag from ebay for about 40 quid 18 months ago - bargain.

  13. yorkyboy

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    Simon I would be very careful about what you are implying in your reply ( and maybe mods should be aware of the legal implifications).

    This is going to sound very confusing but here goes.

    Having read the thread people are switching between there description of gigs bags very easily. Some replys are talking about just general gig bags and some are implying bags made and marketed by the company GIG bags as in http://www.gigbags.co.uk/

    I think people need to be very careful when they are saying they had problems with gig bags to state the make and type rather just generalising. I do know the owner of GIG bags and he would be highly offended and may take things furtherif his reputation was being tarnished by loose talk.
  14. Di

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    As you said, it is difficult to differentiate here the difference between "gig" as in "soft bag" and "gig" the company. It is fact, surely, that any soft bag will not offer as much protection as a hard case. Anyone purchasing a "soft bag" is doing so by choice and is doing so for style/convenience. It is then up to them to make sure they take extra care, as Simon said, when loading an instrument in a soft bag on buses/trailors etc.

    I don't think for one moment that anyone is intending to tarnish the reputation of "GIG". In fact, there have been a great many posts on this forum recommending them, such as here and here for example. I've even done a bit of recommending myself. My daughter has one and wouldn't be without it. :)

    Now, if someone has had a bad experience with a "soft bag", it surely cannot be a bad thing for them to comment on their experience, and give advice to others such as :
    I think BE CAREFUL is sound advice for anyone thinking of buying ANY soft bag. :)
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  15. HSB

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    I'm losing the plot here.

    I put my cornet in it's usual hard case, lay it on my living room carpet and hit it repeatedly with a hammer for an hour. Chances are it'll be okay, but my wrists might be a bit stiff.

    I put it in a 'gig' bag and do the same, chances are some damage may be caused.

    If you want a light, convenient way of moving your instrument from A to B then use a gig bag, but don't expect it to provide the protection of a hard case. Just be careful with it.

    As 'yorkyboy' says, www.gigbags.co.uk are well worth a look. Just don't leave it under the back wheels of the bus, watch the driver pull away and expect your instrument to be in mint condition.