Horn Duets

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  1. Dont know whether this has been done before but can anyone recommend any horn duets to play with band accompaniment?

    i've been having a look around recently but havn't been able to find very much at all!
    so any suggestions would be useful.................
  2. T Winch

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    I once heard the Ransome Band play an excellent arrangement of Somewhere Out There (from An American Tale) at Brass in Concert. It was arranged by somebody in the band and played by the Thackray twins when they were both in the band.
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    I suspect that would have been Jo Bird nee Risely.

    Cracking arranager and trombonist.
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    I once heard Duelling Banjos, played as a duet (French Horns though). That went very well, but I doubt it's around for proper horns.

    Perhaps some of the talented composers and arrangers on tMP could take a look at it. ;)
  5. T Winch

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