Horizons - Paul Lovatt-Cooper

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    I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for the publisher of 'Horizons' by Paul Lovatt-Cooper.

    Very many thanks,

  2. boneman0970

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    Have you tried prima vista musikk
    I ve noticed alot of Pauls arrangements are done through them..
    Maybe worth a try
    The link below me help you in your search

  3. WorldofBrass.com

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    It will be published by PrimaVista but it's not yet available.
  4. DublinBass

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    Also not available yet, but soon is a recording of Helen Tyler with the Brass Band of Columbus (should be available by the English Nationals in June).
  5. Veri

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    I like Paul Lovatt Cooper's Where Eagles Sing immensely. What sort of piece is Horizons?
  6. sheilawinter

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    i'm sorry this was written for Ratby Co-Operative Brass Band and no one can play it 1yr from when they released their cd of it

    But where you can buy it from when available probably Warwick Music Ltd
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    Hi Clair,

    I'm pretty sure it is due to be released very soon. I'm sure if you were to get in touch with Paul directly he will let you know all of the details.

    The piece was commissioned for the Ratby Band and Mike Fowles for our centenary year (2006), we had an agreement that we would be the only band that could play it in 2006, this agreement has now elapsed so I beleive that Paul is going to release soon as a band has already asked to play it at an upcoming major event. Tredegar also played it at the Butlins entertainment contest this year.

    It's a cracking piece, the cornets and troms are stood with two cornet choirs flanking the trombones. Fanfare opening with a film music feel. Very effective and not too hard - there is a sample on the following web site


    Go to the recordings tab.

    If you struggle to get any more information PM me or email and I will get contact details for Paul.