Honley Brass Band Vacancies.

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    Honley Band are currently recruiting new players after a revolutionary turn around in the last six months. The band is currently busy all through christmas and is looking towards the new year with an ambitious (and posibly contesting) mood. The band runs a heavy concert calendar and now wants to move onwards and upwards, under the new musical director, Nicholas Eastwood.

    The band currently needs Eb and Bb Basses and cornets (front and back). The band will welcome any other players as well.

    Take a look at the following links as well:


    Keep an eye out for the newest article on the NABBC website as well!

    Still interested? We rehearse in the village of Honley, just south of Huddersfield on Monday and Thursday 7.45-9.15. If you need more information, contact Nick on 07868 189 206
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    We are now welcoming John Smith to the cornet line-up, so thank you very much to him!

    Having said that though, we're still looking for Bass players (Eb and Bb) specifically but any players are welcome to add to our band.

    Interested? Call Nick on 07868 189 206, or email at eastwood.nicholas@googlemail.com
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    Great bunch of people, all will be welcome, so roll up. :clap: :cool:

    As the man say's, give him a call. :tup
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    Honley Band to begin Contesting

    Hi All, Honley Band are on the up!!!

    For those players in Huddersfield, Yorkshire Traction and Honley Brass Band are to take the contest stage at the Holme Valley Contest in Holmfirth on 18th April. The band is currently looking for a couple of extra players to fufill the line-up.

    For this contest we still require

    1 x 2nd cornet
    1 x 3rd cornet
    Bass Trombone
    Bb Bass

    If you are interested in filling these positions, or you play something not on the list, still get in touch, and we will definitely accomodate you. Players of all ability are welcome and experience is a bonus.

    Contact Nick on 07774 030502. We practice on Monday and Thursday nights from 7.30 to 9.15.