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  1. Having seen a plastic euph and bass on the Internet today, I wondered how far away from the home printed instrument we really are? Even if you had to get a few essential metal bits in the post, (valve springs etc.), would we put up with this change to the movement? How about home printed band logo mutes? People can be as high brow about it as you like, but given the potential huge price difference, it can't be dismissed as a change we can ignore, in fact it's probably a way to get into banding on the cheap.

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    Not that long I would say. I read fairly recently that commercial 3d printers will be widely available, relatively cheaply in the next 5 years. I would imagine that cost is the only prohibitive factor at this this time.
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    As I often say to Mrs HG - 'There's no way you can replace what I've got with a lump of plastic, however well it vibrates'. I'll stick with the old faithful.
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    Mr HG. That is superb work, well done.:D