holmfield contest - 24th april

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  1. I've entered my band for the Holmfirth contest on 24th April. Can anyone tell me anything about the contest as I don't know anyone who's actually been to it and the organisers aren't very forthcoming. Whats the hall like, and how many band support the contest etc? All advice / tips gratefully received.

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    Well I know that Holme Silver are going. I've been a few times sometimes playing or sometimes standing in the middle of the road outside the pub blocking the traffic with the rest of the banders.

    The contest consists of Hymn tune and own choice test piece with a road march at the end of the contest once all the awards have been given out.

    We haven't heard anything from the organisers as well, but the hall is generally ok.
  3. holmfirth contest 24th April

    Can anyone tell me much about the Holmfirth contest, held on 24th April. I've entered my band for it, but I don't know anyone who has ever attended. Is it a decent standard competition with plenty of entries? Whats the hall like etc? Any tips or advice gratefully received. I still haven't heard anything from the organisers, even to confirm the event is on!


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    The event is on Steve, but I haven't yet heard about number of entries, adjudicator, etc. The lower sections still seem to be fairly popular but the top section (First and Championship) has dwindled over the years, possiby because quite a few local bands are now involved in the Grand Shield contests and will be preparing for them.

    The stage is tight, depending on how much percussion you're using and the hall doesn't take much filling, every time I've played there the band has sounded extremely loud! The format is hymn tune and own choice test piece. After the results of all sections, bands are expected to march through Holmfirth in the order they were placed (there's a separate deportment prize for that - you'll need lyres and a street march if you're doing that). The draw / kick off for the day is usually around midday and the street march I think is usually around 6pm-7pm (always a bit hazy by that stage!).

    There's usually a good atmosphere in the Postcard pub just across the road, with many bands usually the worse for wear by the time the street march comes round! You should have an enjoyable day.

    The organiser is Christine Tiffany, you can e-mail her at actiffany@ntlworld.com if you need any more specific info. I don't think any official confirmation has been released yet. Or you can get me at joffwam@aol.com and I'll see of I can answer anything else. (If you're going in cars you may need some advice on directions, where to park, etc. Holmfirth can get quite busy on a weekend).
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    Holmfirth Contest

    Pretty accurate Joffer although I admit that towards to the end of the day things usually go strangely hazy for me also!

    Official details are:

    Draw at 11.30am, Section C to start at 12.30pm
    6 bands in Section C, 6 in Section B and 3 in Section A.
    1st band in section C to start with National Anthem.
    Not heard of any withdrawals.

    Results given at end of each section but prizes presented at end of contest, approx 6.30ish.

    Bands to march down street from outside the Civic Hall at approx 7.30pm

    3 pedal timps and a drum kit will be provided on stage.

    Adjudicator is a Mr M Priestley.

    There should be an official letter to all bands arriving in the next day or so I believe.

    Hope this helps.

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    Has anyone heard what the results were from this contest? I should have gone along for a listen but unfortunately I am ill at the moment.

  7. Everyone at Burbage Band (Buxton) would like to say how much we enjoyed competeing at the recent Holmfirth contest, although 1st place would have made it better;) (congratulations to Uppermill who beat us into 2nd)

    It's a nice hall, and a generally good venue, with a good standard of competition, so why weren't more bands there? I think it highly likely that we shall return again next year. We enjoyed playing with many bands that we haven't competed with before, and hope we'll see you at Buxton contest next week. (16 bands in 4th section!)

    A public thanks to Jon of Holme band for his advice which helped us organise our first trip to this event smoothly.

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    Travesty At Holmfirth Contest!
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    I think Smed said it all! :mad:
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    There's a link to the results on 4barsrest.com :

    Your post and Smed's are all very well, but they don't say much for those of us who weren't there! Feel free to throw some more light on the situation, but please make sure you do so within the usual tMP posting guidelines.
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    I think to say what I really wont to say would be classed as a violation of board rules.

    What I do want to know is when we are getting paid for being filmed... to my knowledge they didnt ask permission to record any other bands performance other than HE.
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    I've taken very little interest in the filming of the band (mostly because I don't like being filmed, makes me very nervous!), but I had no idea of the situation on filming all of the bands. I didn't hear anything on the day - everyone seemed in generally amicable moods.

    You're best off contacting the film crew as to payment (or "no-use" of the footage of your band where appropriate). I don't know how you would go about that though.
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    Amicable? I'm frustrated that you have used this word. I don’t necessarily approve of the booing of other bands, bad sportsmanship, and I couldn't say this was amicable, but it was understandable. However the opinions of band members is important and should not be suppressed, that’s possibly why such public en masse attempt at expressing an opinion was shown rather than have individuals slated for expressing an opinion on such forums as this one. Lets face it, direct accusations by people often result in the accuser being slated even though everyone knows what that person is saying has at least some reason in truth behind it even though it may not be the whole truth.

    I know the opinions of at least two bands that played yesturday, and I dont think they are overjoyed with the circumstances of yesturday.
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    Sorry for being dumb but what happened, i've read this thread and I've no idea about whats wrong :confused: ...too early in the day for me to understand owt :p
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    I'm rather confused too!! Anyone care to elaborate with some factual details??
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    I know that Hade Edge are appearing in a documentary...?
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    Agreed... Booing other bands is disgraceful

    I am guessing you are a sore member of a band that wasnt as successful as it might have hoped yesterday??

    How about cutting out the diarrhea you have written above and telling us in English who and what are the accusations you are trying to make??
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    CHeck with your contest secretary as it stated on the bottom of the literature that a film crew would be there filming and if anyone had any objections that they had to let the organising commitee know. This was also said at the draw and NO band had any objections.

    Secondly I don't very much like whats being implied on here. As a member of Hade Edge Band I did not think that we had done enough to win but neither do I think that booing of our band when we set off marching was acceptable behaviour and neither do I think that the suggestion that it had anything to do with the camera crew is fair either.

    Unfortunatly adjudicators do not always have the same impression as the general public especially in an own piece contest. Maybe he did not like the choice of Marsden band playing the 1st section area test piece. Maybe he thought that the piece Hade Edge played was more challenging and therefore warranted a higher mark. Who knows but if you cant accept that music is subjective and everyone has a different oponion then maybe you should not compete. There is nothing worse than a bad loser.
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    Dont worry... Its childish... People sulking over a poor result... He should prove it wrong by winning every other contest this year... Lets see if he does...