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    Hi, does anyone know how many bands have entered Holme Valley Contest? and names of bands which are taking part?

    Thank you

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  2. peterg

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    Hi, all seems a little quiet regarding who is playing? Ripon city - 3rd section are definately going

  3. robcav

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    Skelmanthorpe are going in top section.
  4. YRBBC

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    Have not seen any info on this.

    What time does it start ?
  5. trombone-john

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    Any results yet?
  6. Frontman

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    Skelmanthorpe B won everything in Section B I believe. Congratulations to Phil Garlick and the band.
  7. Jethro

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    No they didn't win everything Just the contest and the conductors prize I believe
  8. Frontman

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    Sorry I must have misunderstood.

    Anyone know the full results please?
  9. critic

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    Top Section1st Hade edge 2nd skelmanthorpe 3rd wakefield Met. Dont knowrest
  10. Hedger

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    Youth section
    1 Hade Edge Youth
    2. Scissett Youth Band
    3. Hade Edge Training
    Section B
    1 Skelmanthorpe B
    2. Ripon City
    3. Dinnington Colliery

    Hymn tune 1 Ripon City
    2. Skelmanthorpe B
    Section A
    1. Hade Edge
    2. Skelmanthorpe
    3. Wakefield Met

    Hymn tune 1. Skelmanthorpe
    2. Hade Edge
  11. Bayerd

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    What pieces did the bands play?
  12. Hedger

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    In section A, Hade Edge played Chivalry, Skelmanthorpe and Wakefield Met played The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Don't know about Section B.
  13. whitewitch

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    Uppermill came 3rd in the hymn and 4th in the testpiece. Won best 2nd Section Band. Uppermill played Cross Patonce and Whitburn. York RI played Connotations for Brass Band.
  14. timyarby

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    Ripon City played Olympus. And won the percussion prize.
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  16. Thirteen Ball

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    On the strength of that, uppermill were a bit hard-done-by. Alright the adjudicator has clearly heard them play the 2nd section area piece and put them behind the bands that played the top-section piece on difficulty alone - but based on what happened on stage I'm not sure that's the right thing to do.

    I suppose it's the old debate of whether it's better to play a hard piece poorly or an easier (becasue 'easy' simply cannot be used to describe cross patonce) piece creditably well?

    At the end of the day, it's an own choice contest, so you'd expect a band to play something they can cope with - even if it is the area piece.
  17. timyarby

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  18. Hornator

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    actually they also won the prize for best trombone section. What a good doo! :clap:
  19. TrumpetTom

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    uppermill got best euph. linthwaite got best soloist i think it was.... or solo cornet... :S thats for whole contest. uppermill got best basses i think.