Holme Valley Contest Sunday 18th April 2010

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  1. Sandy Smith

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    The Holme Valley Brass Band Contest are still accepting entries for Section A ( Championship / 1st / 2nd section bands ) for the contest on Sunday 18th April 2010 to be held at the Civic Hall in Holmfirth.Section A bands to play -1. 3 verses of a hymn from the red hymn book2. own choice test pieceHolmfirth has an excellent selection of eateries / pubs and ample parking very near to the hall.For further details, prize money etc. please contact Mr. David Eastwood on 01484 685229
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  3. Sandy Smith

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    The contest now has only two available places for section A bands wishing to compete - Contact Mr. David Eastwood on 01484 685229
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    So who's going to be there band-wise?

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