Holme Valley Brass Band Contest - 10th June 2007

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  1. Tiffers

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    The 81st running of the Holme Valley Brass Band Contest (more popularly known as Holmfirth contest) is taking place on Sunday 10th June 2007.

    The adjudicator this year will be Mr Derek Broadbent.

    The contest is arranged in three sections: Section A for Championship and First Section Bands, Section B for Second and Third Section Bands and Section C for Fourth Section, unregistered and Youth Bands. Bands are required to play an own choice test piece and a hymn tune.

    The contest is due to commence at 10am and finish around 7pm (ish) with the traditional march through the centre of Holmfirth.

    There are still a couple of places left in each of the sections so please come along to what is usually a good days contesting and socialising.

    For further details and to enter please contact myself on 07773 595331 or email to iantiffany@ukonline.co.uk


    Ian Tiffany
  2. Hi Ian My band came a few years ago and had a great day, a small but well run contest I thought. Excellent pint of Bombadier in one of the local pubs too.

    Some of the band have suggested coming again, and we would like to if we can fit it in to a very busy diary. When's the closing date?
  3. Tiffers

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    Hi Steve,

    PM sent with some details.

    Basically, we hold entries open until around a month before the day (depending on numbers!) so up to around 10th May (ish) is ok.


  4. Kath2

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    Has anyone got any results from yesterdays contest?
  5. alexktz

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    section c - (youth and 4th)

    1. Uppermill
    2. Skelmthorpe B
    3. Lithwaite
    4. Honking Hedgers

    uppermill won hymn and euph award

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