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  1. nook1938

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    Yes holiday time is fast approaching and for those of you who like to stop in the sunny British Isles, which is the most expensive place you have stopped at, in your opinion.

    I would have to say Cornwall, be ripped off parking in a field covered in rocks, just to see the last house in Britain and Lands End, that was a few years ago, but I understand the charge to see anything is costly, the one regret is not seeing St Michaels Mount, the name reminded me of the Test Piece. That is my opinion.
  2. TheMusicMan

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    London, by a mile!
  3. vonny

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    It's difficult for me to pinpoint the most expensive place I have been to because the UK is expensive anyway. I can recall going to London for the weekend and in total it cost around £600 for 2 of us.
    When I holiday I go overseas as it is cheaper, every country I have visited as been inexpensive compared with the UK.
  4. nook1938

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    I remember, after I returned from Holiday, two chaps came from Cornwall, who I worked with, they agreed it was expensive to live down there and all I got was "I hope you didn't go there or there", why they did not say nowt before I went, anyway they both had loud voices, pair of them gave you headache after five minutes, we where having tea break and I said" You do have telephones down there" of course we do, why? " I just thought you shouted to one another".
  5. JesTperfect!

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    Don't be nasty about Cornwall......... : )

    Cornwall is an amazing place to live!


    I would agree that it's expensive. But apart from that.......
    I wouldn't live anywhere else. I'm dreading having to leave to go to uni-how is a country bumpkin like me gonna cope in a city?!
    If you DO happen to come to Cornwall, you have to:
    1. Go St. Michael's Mount
    2. Spend a day in St. Ives (though take the train, you'll never park!)
    3. Go to Padstow (preferably on a sunday, when Camborne are playing, so you can put a quid in the bucket!)
    4. Go out on the razz in Newquay
    5. Go surfing

    and finally,

    Go to FLAMBARDS. The world's worst theme park : ) Any Cornish person will know what I mean!
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    I spent a week in Cornwall last Summer and didn't find it expensive, there were lots of little well signed car parks that didn't cost us a fortune (I live in leeds, 50p for 20 mins!!). The atractions were excellent, Although a visit to Padstow was dissapointing, it was heaving and the pavments weren't big enough, so you ended up walking on the road, in the traffic!!! People were tense and unfriendly. Still I won at the crazy golf, and we moved on round the coast. Enjoyed the Lizzard, Lands End, Cape Cornwall,Various beaches, Foye (sp?), shame about the weather but that's the UK!

    We're having a dabble in France for a week this year, and taking the School band to Salzburg, we'll see how the euro's work out!
  7. ploughboy

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    Oh and the Meadery is a must for tea!
  8. Anno Draconis

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    Definitely; last time I went (to a trade show at Earls Court last October) I got stung for getting there, stung on the tube/DLR for getting around, stung for lunch, stung for dinner, etc., etc.

    Montreux (in Switzerland) was cheaper! Also Brussels, Paris and Rome are all cheaper and easier to get around.

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    Have spent a bit of time this past week in the Canarian sunshine 75 degrees each day talking about a summer holiday somewhere in the British Isles.

    The conclusion is that ''rip off'' and ''chaotic'' Britain (how come ypu spend almost as much time tring to get yourself out of gatwick than you do in the air from Lanzarote!!) is just not worth the effort where you can lie on the beach in a sunny climate (even in March) for just over £200?

    Easy decision