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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by backrowboy, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. backrowboy

    backrowboy Member

    Hello all, I am going to be on holiday in wonderful Devon next week (from Thurs Aug 17 to Sun 27), staying just outside Exmouth. I was wondering if there is any band in that area I could have a blow with to keep the lip in!

    I currently play second cornet with Haverhill Silver Band - London & Southern Counties First Section Champions 2006 and Butlins First Section Champions 2006!

    I do not mind what standard of band I sit in with, its just nice to meet other bandsmen & women.

    Look forward to hearing from anyone who can help

  2. sugarandspice

    sugarandspice Active Member

    Good man, You'll love it! Exmouth has about 60 odd pubs for you to sample! :)
    Where abouts exactly are you staying?
  3. backrowboy

    backrowboy Member

    I am staying at Woodbury, in a touring caravan.
  4. Liz Courts

    Liz Courts Active Member

    I'm sure Lympstone would welcome you to a couple of rehearsals (Mondays and Thursdays at 7:45pm - in the village next door to Exmouth)...they seem to be getting quite a few random bandies turning up this summer!!

    If you want to meet me, you'll have to be there on a Monday (I'm only a part timer due to living in Cornwall over the summer!). I hope you like Gothic Dances?!?!!

    I'm sure you'll have a brilliant holiday - Exmouth's an amazing place to spend time in! :biggrin:
  5. grahampp

    grahampp New Member

    hi , if you fancy an interesting few days we have philip harper coming down on aug 19th and we are about twenty five miles from woodbury .contact me for further info
  6. backrowboy

    backrowboy Member

    Thanks Liz, I know Lympstone but will need directions to the band room. Possibly see you on the Monday.

  7. sugarandspice

    sugarandspice Active Member

    Oooh, keep off the common at night time, I've heard some dodgy rumours! ;) hee hee! You'll have a great time! I would recommend a trip up the coast to Beer. Go there and drink beer! you will feel better for it i promise! ;)
  8. Liz Courts

    Liz Courts Active Member

    Good good! PM me if you wish to recieve some dodgy directions...:rolleyes:

    Don't go near there anytime!! Stay away from the gorse anyway, or you may catch the Woodbury rash :eek:
  9. sugarandspice

    sugarandspice Active Member

    Im not even going to ask how you know about that?!!

    " Soldiers have for generations been plagued by a mystery rash picked up after manoeuvres on the common"
    Are we realyl sure its the gorse?!! Hee hee!

    Anyway, serious matter, yes im with liz- dont come to Devon and get ill from the killer gorse!

    Come to Exmouth and drink instead!
  10. Liz Courts

    Liz Courts Active Member

    :eek: TV Kelly. Local news. Plus we were talking about it at band the next night. Were you not paying attention again?!!! :tongue:
  11. sugarandspice

    sugarandspice Active Member

    Apparently not! But less of the "again" please!! :p Plus i hardly ever watch local news!

    As for more devonshire outings- theres a creely up the road, great if you have kids!
    Apparently theres something called "the big sheep" which still mystifies me!
    Oooh and i really want to go to paington zoo! so if you go there take me too! :)
  12. meandmycornet

    meandmycornet Active Member

    THATS IN BIDEFORD!!!! thats where I live!! (In Bideford... not the Big Sheep!) just over and hours drive from Exmouth... and a fantastic ... if not slightly bizarre day out, I think it used to be a sheep farm and now its a tourist attraction... it has a big indoor adventure playground and sheep racing (like ascot for sheep) and duck trials and horse whispering and lots of other random things!! The Milkyway is better though.... ask Vicki!

    If you don't mind a little bit of a drive... you could pop over to South Molton for a blow.... we're hmmm about 40 minutes from exmouth?!?!?! something like that.... we rehearse tuesdays and thursdays 8-10pm in the bandroom behind HSBC in South Molton Square... very easy to find!

    There you go..... there's a nice day out for you! go to the Big Sheep for the day and then on your way back to caravan pop into South Molton and sit next too me for a rehearsal :D (I just realised you play 2nd cornet!)
  13. backrowboy

    backrowboy Member

    Thanks for the offer Im still trying to decide where to go, if I do decide to come along I will let you know before I leave next week.

    Thanks again
  14. backrowboy

    backrowboy Member

    Thanks for the offer I will contact you if I decide to come along.

    Thanks again,
  15. backrowboy

    backrowboy Member

    Does your conductor mind guests sitting in on a rehearsal when your practising a test piece.