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  1. i have just booked a holiday for july/august 2007 going to australia touring, any tips or anything i need to know from those of you that have been. i shall be there for 4weeks and im flying to sydney
  2. Ruthless

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    In a world of my own
    Stay at the golf club overlooking the sea in Narooma (4hrs south of sydney) and get a aftenoon/evening boat trip out to see the seals, dolphins and little penguins (on the Island), depending on the season you may also see whales. We went at the start of October last year it was brill.
  3. th2_custard

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    all i can say is lucky you if ur able to go to australia.
  4. super_sop

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    A world of my own!
    you can see Wales from there!

  5. Key2207

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    Me and Vonny went to Oz in may it was amazing :bounce In fact I wanna live there :biggrin: Australia is a beautiful country. Hopefully one day i'll get the chance to go back :woo
  6. nhrg

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    Aus trip

    Get yourself over to the Blue Mountains near Sydney. You can get there by train. And go abseiling or walking. They are a UNESCO world heritage site. If you get the chance...bob up to Queensland (book your flights with virginblue or Quantas' low cost airline) before you go up there. Head into the rainforest and visit Cape Tribulation. Don't bother with art galleries etc experience the outdoors. If you can afford the bridge climb in Sydney. Word of advice...the beers awful.
    If you want a hire one on the internet on an Aus site before you go...miles cheaper. If you want to buy any consumer goods like camera's etc. ..get em when you're out there cos the exchange rate is really good. If you like seafood, make sure you eat out in Sydney. The botanical gardens are great in Sydney.
  7. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    Head straight for the funk house in Kings Cross! :tup
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