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    Righto, My name's Keely and i'm 17. My mum (Tmp vonny) calls me Key and my birthday is 22 of July so thats where my user name comes from...

    I've just started studying my AS levels at the sixth form college in Bolton (next to Smithills School). I'm studying Music, English Language, French and Maths but i'm going to change Maths for Communication studies cos' i don't like Maths. I don't even know why I chose it!:confused:

    I currently play 3rd cornet with Eagley band but before that I was in Eccles band. The Fleetwood concert will be my first and i'm super exited. :D

    I'm going to my first rehersal with Smithills School Senior Brass Band on Monday and I can't wait. :woo

    I've already been to Concert band and Big band which were both great.

    I love doing mad things and if someone dares me to do something i'll do it. Nothings too mad after a couple of 'lemonades'!!;)

    Apart from banding (and doing mad things! lol), I love shopping, socialising, having a laugh and looking after my super cute kitten Freddie.

    S'pose thats it then...

    Keely X
  2. TheMusicMan

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    Hi Keely :hi a belated welcome from the tMP team and thanks for posting this about what you are getting up to. Good luck with your AS studies... I've just returned to studies after a long time... showing my age eh!
  3. Jan H

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    So you weren't playing with them yet when they were in Holland last July? That's a shame, we could have met ;)

    Anyway, welcome on tMP!
  4. Key2207

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    Unfortunatley not, but I am playing with them at the The Royal Albert Hall next week:woo
  5. vonny

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    That means Keely is going away next week - let the free time commence ;) ;)
  6. Chunky

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    Anything special planned? :biggrin:

    Have a nice time Keely, I am sure you deserve the break!