History of brass bands in britain

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    At college I had to choose a subject in music to research and then do a 10 min presentation and essay on. I chose the history of brass bands and now after doing a bit of research realised there is so much information and I'm not sure of the most important parts to include or if I'm missing out important bits.
    Im planning to split it into the sections of: Composers, Repertoire, Social side and the development of instruments.
    I have quite a lot of pictures etc from books about the instruments changes but any important names of composers or repertoire points would be muchly appreciated.
    Also any recordings or other materials that i could use to make it more interesting as its to a class of music technology students that don't even know what a tenor horn looks like.
    p.s i only just started this account so sorry if this is in the wrong place.
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    Hi Lilz.

    Welcome to tMP.

    It maybe worth your while using the search facility on the site, there have been similar posts to yours in the past.

    Here's 'the' site for Brass band info:


    Happy hunting. :clap:
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    Thanks for providing the link Prince T ! I found it fantastic reading .

    All the best , Mark
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    I wrote my dissertation on Brass Bands including a section on the history of so if you would like a copy (including bibliography) then PM me with your email address and I'll send it to you. Without trying to sound big-headed, but whilst still giving you an idea of the quality of my dissertation, there is a copy in the Brass Band Archives in Wigan and it is being used as a teaching resource for the third years at the uni I have just graduated from.

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