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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Griffin, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Griffin

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    I am currently studying History at Uni, for my course assignment (basically - 6-8000 words paper based on primary sources) I am thinking of writing something along the lines of the Tradition of Brass Bands in Yorkshire date-date....
    I was wondering if anyone can give me some info as to where I could get a reading list of relevent material, or reccomend any publications or such like, as there is bound to be someone out there who has done Band Studies.
    I would be eternally greatful as the University staff don't seem to have a clue :rolleyes:
    Cheers, Michael. :cool:
  2. PeterBale

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  3. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member

    Cheers Peter, just what im looking for. ;-)
  4. peatair

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  5. dyl

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    That'll be the same site as Peter suggested above then! ;)
  6. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member

    One of my lecturers recommended the Trever Herbert book. Problem is its £55, and im a poor student!! :-(
    Donations would be appreciated ;-)
    Its gonna be tough, but it should be fun. (Might even turn into a book ;-))
  7. impycornet

    impycornet Member

    There's also the British Bandsmn centenary book
    British Bandsman Centenary Book Author : Alf Hailstone ISBN 0905858395 Egon Publishers LTD

    That's certainly worth a read - & has been out for a while now so may not be that expensive (or should certainly be in the Uni Library)

    Another option is to contact the staff at Salford Uni and visit the archive room ( also Dave Kings Office so prepare to be Bokked :) ) Many historical instruments and posters on the walls.

  8. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    What about Geoffrey & Violet Brand's book - Brass Bands in the 20th Century. It should be available from a good library.

    Harry Mortimer's (auto?)biography (I believe it's called Harry Mortimer On Brass) is another certain source.

    Also you could check out the sleeve notes from the new Grimethorpe series.

    Another book with good information is Peter Roberts' autobiography.

    Have you checked out the websites for various bands? Some of these will have a history section.

    Good luck.
  9. ScreamingSop

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    Roy newsome's got a decent book called "beyond the bandstand" (should be on commision!)
  10. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member

    Does anyone know Roy Newsome's e-mail (if any)?
    Ive got a phone number and address.

    Still having trouble finding a concise reading list... (looking like a trip to Salford..D'oh!)
  11. ScreamingSop

    ScreamingSop Member

    theres not that many decent books here at salford, Roy is in uni tho one day a week, why not pop down and see him, also am sure Dave could tell you some decent books on the subject
  12. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member

    After some thought, ive decided to narrow it down to something like Yorkshire Mining & Brass Band Tradition from 1855 (Establishment of Dyke).
    So I need some primary sources to do with Mining/Mining Bands. (and social habits)

    Cheers again. Mick.
  13. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    I managed to acquire throughout my university course:

    The Brass Band Movement in the 19th and 20th Centuries (Trevor Herbert)
    Brass Bands- Arthur Taylor
    Beyond the Bandstand- Roy Newsome
    What a Performance- Elgar and Partrick Howarth

    You can borrow them if you can assure I will get them back as I've now donated them to my school library. And as long as you don't reveal where they were aquired from !!
  14. SuperHorn

    SuperHorn Member

    My girlfriend also studied History and did her dissertation on brass bands in the South Wales area - covering mining institutes / local rivarly etc.

    We visited the British Bandsman in Beaconsfield - may have moved since Sp & S (i think) bought the Bandsman.

    We spent two days there looking through old copies of the bandsman dating back to late 1800's to present day, the information was brilliant and of course a primary source.

    Our contact was Phil Morris and they offered us Tea /Coffee - very pleasant environment, we had a great time there. Additionally, there's a Travel Inn about 3 miles away for somewhere to stay.

    Good Luck with it all.

    PS I don't think my girlfriend still has a copy of it, I'll check and get back to you.
  15. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member

    Thats a great idea, didn't think of that! I'll try them... cheers :guiness
  16. Highams

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