History - Glasgow Brass Maker "Douglas and Son"

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    Have just purchased a Bb high pitch cornet (EBay) made by H? D Douglas and Son of 36 - 42 Brunswick Street Glasgow.

    It has the right feel for what it purports to be, with two shanks and a crook. My intention is to restore it to full order. It does play but needs a little work.

    The question is does anyone have any information on the maker please?

    I would estimate the date to be early 20th century, and there are some similarities in design with another old cornet I have been given (in pieces) which is an early Salvation Army model.

    Any help very welcome!

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    Sorry to drag up this old article, but I thought I should put a link here to an article I have written about Douglas and Son in case anybody else finds this while looking for information:


    Douglas sponsored and organised the first brass band contest in Scotland in 1862 as well as being a promoter of brass banding in general through the sale of instruments and conversion of wind and bugle bands to brass bands.

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