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    Was just nosing around some 1890s contest results when I spotted that some results for Walthamstow bands had got into a mess - however, further probing revealed that the tangle was worse than I'd feared, with no fewer than 4 bands with 'Walthamstow' in their names competing against each other at a local contest in 1896! The contest is shown here: http://brassbandresults.co.uk/contests/walthamstow-contest/1896-08-29/; the four bands in question were Walthamstow Temperance, Walthamstow Silver, Walthamstow Town, and Walthamstow Oddfellows.

    So the question is... Does anyone have any info about when these bands existed from and until, and does anyone know when and between who any mergers took place? I note that, for example, the entry "Walthamstow Town Silver" shows up in 1910, suggesting a merge between Town and Silver bands before that date, but then "Walthamstow Town" is back in 1923, confusingly...

    IBEW's lists of band genealogies and extinct bands, normally so helpful, is less so than usual - the only extinct band whose name begins with Walthamstow listed is "Walthamstow Town Silver Prize Band, active in 1905 and 1911", while its genealogy entry for East London Brass, the obvious modern successor to these bands, lists a foundation date of 1909, and a previous name of "Walthamstow Temperance", which seems useful until you consider that Walthamstow Temperance is attested at contests back to at least 1895, whereupon it manages to raise even further confusion...

    Anyone got any useful info?

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