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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by mprulez, May 1, 2007.

  1. mprulez

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    Hi Ppl
    Our Band in India wants to venture into some innovative brass music forms....this time..Hip-Hop Brass.
    Could someone help us in starting to play such tunes....sheet music, any kind of advice would help.

  2. Timpking

    Timpking Member

    Great idea! Acid brass was brill! What about gangsta rap?:cool:
    Try musicroom.com they have loads of sheet music.
  3. timbloke

    timbloke Member

    Check out the following groups: Search for more info on here, or through itunes or myspace or whatever.

    Youngblood Brass Band - New Orleans band, hip-hop, rap, jazz, fusion. They have a couple of albums - "Center : Level : Roar" is their first one and is more band based, "Is this a riot?" is their second and is more hip-hoppy.

    Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Similar style to Youngblood, a bit more gritty - "What's going on" is one of their albums. They are up at BRASS in Durham later this year.

    Coolbone - from the late 90's, had an album called Brass-Hop. Need I say more!
  4. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Check out Miles Davis album Doo Bop, albums by Urbanator or even Branford Marsalis's Buckshot Lefonque for ideas. Okay, they are more jazz-blues orientated but have tons of creative content that can be used!
  5. repiano83

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  6. BrotherBone

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    Have a look at Rebirth Brass also... great group =)
  7. mprulez

    mprulez New Member

    thanks a lot people.......!..will be looking for much more feedback from others :)
  8. youngblood

    youngblood Member

    This may help

    I would advise you to check out the BRASS myspace site:


    In the friends section there are links to almost every type of brass music there is, including those mentioned 'Young Blood Brass Band Dirty Dozen, Rebirth' Also bands from Italy, France, Poland, you name it it is there rap hip hop, punk Brass, Ska the lot!

    Jack Brass Band will be in Durham in July and doing workshops with young brass players from the County. They are like the Rebirth/Dirty Dozen and I will ask if they have anything to pass on to you.
    I was also talking to the Young Blood Brass Band recently and Warner Brothers produce the music for Young Blood Brass Band in sheet form for use in American High Schools so check out Young B lood Brass Bands site and if you like the music that may be a way to get started.

    Hope that is of some help

  9. youngblood

    youngblood Member

    Indian Brass Bands

    Just thinking mprulez that if you are in India do you know any native indian wedding brass bands that may be suitable to perform in next years BRASS festival in Durham?

    I understand that there are over 2000 bands perfoming in india and would love to pass on some information to the Brass team who I am keen to support.

    They have the Jaipur Kawa and the Jaipur Maharja Brass Bands this year but I am sure they may be interested in more.

    Come to that does anyone else know of any in the UK excluding the Bollywood band who I know about already.
  10. mprulez

    mprulez New Member

    I must say that we are not a wedding band and we are trained under music professors from countries like US, Netherlands. So I do not have any information in who is going to play in durham.

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