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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by BassBoneShep, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. BassBoneShep

    BassBoneShep Member

    Just back from Whit Friday Marches (and waiting for the fish fingers to cook!) and wondered what was your highlight of the evening.
    We managed five contests, best performance on the stand was probably Uppermill, although all were pretty good.
    Best reaction to the march was Denshaw with a small crowd frantically counting trombonists and cheering very loudly.
    "It was all good!!"
  2. aimee_euph

    aimee_euph Member

    out best one was either at Delph, or Dobcross. Our band seems to react to larger crowds...hm!!!

    Anyways, glad to here and see tMP band, was very good an i was very impress. Slaidburn was vvvvv good booming down delph street thing, i was really impressed with Knight Templar!! Might request to play with u lot next year....lets she shall we (as my conductor reads this!!).. haha!

    Was quite sad that at the first contest we played at, we played infront of Brighouse, then the last we played after Leyland. Ah-hem....we were the better of the bands of course....

    i had a cracking night though, well done to all xx
  3. Sellers_Bird

    Sellers_Bird Active Member

    we managed 13!!woo hoo, all in tameside like but was still a good night. didn't see any other top bands tho
  4. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    We did 14, all the Tameside ones! We managed to get straight on nearly everywhere and as already said previously, we didn't see any other top bands. We were on BOC Hippo alert as well but glad to report that we ddin't see any Hippos at the venues we visited.

    Highlight of the evening....on the way to the curry house after Scu Bar, Mr Dunn Birch and several others playing the Muppet Show, much to the delight of the rest of the packed bus! :D Oh and waking up still pissed. Always a winner!!!
  5. Sellers_Bird

    Sellers_Bird Active Member

    oh yes, pleased to report no extremely tall HIPPOs were spotted at any point in the evening. bonus. 8)
  6. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    I think it was a good thing that no HIPPOS appeared on the circuit, it might have held other bands up with blockages and what not. But well done to the HIPPO spotters, grand job done keeping the HIPPOS at bay.

    Another highlight of the evening was having a beer at 11.30pm. 1st one as well.
  7. dazzyboy

    dazzyboy Member

    Not highlight of the evening but highlight of the day.

    Whilst doing the whit marches in the morning in dobx and parading to the delightful tones of 'hail smiling morn', our 2nd cornet player was visciously attacked by what appeared to be a rather annoyed crow, what we or the player concered had done to this crow we do not know, although there is the possibilty that the Db in the third bar was a bit sharp and this could be the cause of it's discontent..... anyhoo the feathery creature swooped down several times then landed on the cap of our unlucky backrow player and proceded to peck away. Our hapless cornet player did not realise at first untill our drummer's dad intervined and sent bird and cap flying and most of the front row into uncontrolable hysterics for the remainder of the march. Best thing was the whole episode was filmed!!(£250 on you've bin framed isn't it?) Needless to say the one march we stayed away from yesterday was............drum roll ....... Ravenswood.
  8. trombelle

    trombelle Member

    denton cricket club because that is where we always end up for a few bevvys :D
  9. drummergurl

    drummergurl Active Member

    lol dobcross, where we finished, coz i bumped into leyland, and it was the last one we played so i could have a drink and also best part, walking down very dark alleyway from band club room thingy, on my own in a very drunken state! :wink: amazingly i didnt fall down any steps :D :lol:
  10. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    You just missed Leyland at Carbrook...

    Spent the early part of the evening traipsing around Tameside either in front or behind BT. Saw Pennine at Grotton, sounding good as did BT (several times :roll: ) and Leyland.

    Got to Delph before 10 and had to queue behind about 8 other bands so had a chance for a bevvy or several and at that point the whole world descended on Delph where I saw Stocksbridge (a few of whom i know well), BOC Brass (what was that crazy music on the bus??!!), SunnyJimBob in the "Minging band jacket band", Richard (MidWalesman) with Brighouse (Push Ins!! :evil: :wink: ) and various other types..

    Highlights?? Several... Learning that Old Silkstone got turned away from Uppermill in the early afternoon cos they had to shut it due to fighting in the street and the police had to be called... Playing something a bit different, I didn't hear anyone else play Kenilworth or Roll Away Bet all night (and i'm sick to death of hearing Ravnswood, Knight Templar, Army of the Nile, The President, Mesphistopheles....)... Seeing Gary Cutt carry a BBb Bass :D ... Realising next year we need to take a box for our conductor to stand on cos he's too short...

    But probably seeing everyone at Delph and then playing the best I did all evening at Delph, the last contest we did was the highlight.

    One question though -- Is there a tax on women's clothes in Tameside?? I've seen people wearing more down the Biggmarket!!
  11. backrowbloke

    backrowbloke Member

    We thank you :D

    Was 'different' to see the majority of tMP band back at the hotel, drinking coffee and hot chocolate :shock: - never seen a band with so many sensible drinks....bar was shut! :cry:

    Only got in 5 villages due to late start and early finish :guinesss
  12. drummergurl

    drummergurl Active Member

    lol i saw the tmp band at delph was with amy and aimee and neil, saw some of ya, recognised a few faces, but only neil and jez (euph bari) probly recognised me, and talked to me, also saw members of leyland, erm think thats every1 i saw.

    funni at delph, i ran a mile from our bus to see the tmp band, and ran a mile back to the bus when i realised we were about to start walking down the street, needed to find me drum, was walking round before with me strap and sticks, but left my drum on the bus so i could watch the tmp band. made it just in time to walk down the street
  13. The Cornet King

    The Cornet King Active Member

    Highlight of the evening, was definately just playing with the tMP band.
    Every village got better as we went along. Knight Templar was really sounding amazing by the end! :D

    Lets hope we can get hold of the recording from Delph, 3rd village and a real cracking performance.
  14. Raspberry

    Raspberry Member

    Fortunately some of us had a bit of beer in the car and brought it into the hotel - the hotel staff didn't seem to mind. 8)
  15. Hmmm, I just posted something similar on another thread... cos I didn't see this one.

    BOC brass were great!! They had me giggling my little socks off.... Thomas The Tank Engine!!! :lol: 8) CLASSIC!!!

    *BOC!!!!!!! BOC!!!!!!!!!!!! BOC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    The Music Man came over to me in Uppermill and said... "hello I'm the music man." I'm stood there thinking.... " :? right... and you're a nut nut!" Until he made me realise that the huge coach parked next to us was the tmp bus and I'd missed it for the past 5 minutes :shock: :idea:

    LOL..... I threw the mase 4 times in Uppermill. Caught it the first time, and the 2nd, and the 3rd.... but then I dropped it when spinning it :evil: :shock: THE EASIEST BIT!! All the drunk crowd laughed at me, and I thought.... SOD THIS :D So I chucked it for a 4th time, mega mega high and caught it like a pro :p And got a massive cheer.... so that was good!!! :lol:
  16. bonehead

    bonehead New Member

    Apart from the whole thing (first Whit Friday) it has to be the Swiss guys in the band singing in the contest march at Denshaw.

    Heard a rumour Derek Broadbent was adjudicating there - it was his music - bonus points :?:
  17. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Was really disappointed we couldn't do delph...when we got there at 10:30ish our runner said there were about 20 bands in front of us (not quite sure about the accuracy of this figure, seems awfully high to me) and so we skipped it and went onto denshaw. Really wanted to see the tMP band, but saw BOC Brass and Leyland at Dobcross, they were very good.

    Highlight: The littel old lady who asked what BOC meant and probably won't ever come out of shock!! :lol: :lol: her face was a right picture.
  18. Janet Watkins

    Janet Watkins Member

    We arrived at Delph about that time and were told there were 12 bands in the queue. We went home!

    Our highlight was winning Best Bass Section at Friezland :p

    Janet ( Whitwell Band - Bass player ) :D
  19. drummergurl

    drummergurl Active Member

    i think whitwell were behind rainford in a queue for somewhere at one point, dunno if u saw me, i was the lickle cymbal player with rainford.

    well in on best bass section at friezland
  20. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    haha what a crazy day!!!
    loadsa highlights :D

    * people chasing after plastic trilby hats blown off at Denton before we marched down.

    * The coach driver (and his fit daughter) playing their mobile phone ringtones down the microphone over the coach speakers with band accompaniment!!

    * Yogi Bear and Brother Francisco going down well (beurgh) as usual!

    * The "Beers down...... Beers up" warnings over the speakers whenever we passed cops.

    * the most hilarious arrangements i've ever played (Thomas the Tank and Thunderbirds... nice one Andrea and Iaiaiaian.)

    * Me losing my horn and music at every village.

    * Dave Little's reaming note at the end of the Muppets :D:D

    * Dave Dun-Birch's reaming note in the middle of Mephi at DobX :D:D:D (even the conductor was wetting himself!)

    * Toby's conducting wand :lol:

    * Vicky telling an old lady exactly what BOC stood for as if there was nothing wrong with it :D

    * Turbo Shandys :D

    * Crowd reactions to Thomas the tank :D

    * The most hilarious bus journey ever on the way to Rusholme when we all decided to get instruments out (beurgh) and play Muppets to all the unlucky people on the bus at 3am :D

    * waking up with money

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