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    I am now a backrow cornet player but I still do some solo work and want to eventually get back on a front row seat, however, I'm struggling with my upper register. I have less time to practice these days with work and so band practices are vital, but with so many rests and hardly any notes above a top G, how can I utilise my practice and playing so that I can stll manage top notes when needed. Thanks
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    This is a common problem for back row players who generally use bigger mouthpieces to help the lower register - perhaps a clue is there, have a smaller mouthpiece for solo work that helps develop the upper range!

    I have a screamer mouthpiece for high register trumpet work but for the cornet i use an old DW4 that I am happy with throughout the range.

    As far as exercises go, try to build stamina and lip flexibility. The Carles Colin book of Lip Flexibilities is a godsend and I use them regularly. Start gently and gradually increase the intensity aiminmg for smoothness and ease across the range. For stamina particularly just play long notes and slow melodies but keep a regular practice routine.

    Good luck