High praise for new boy on block

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    High praise for new boy on the block!

    A real buzz is surrounding the forthcoming UK premiere of a new major work for brass band entitled Gregoritas by esteemed composer Phil Lawrence.
    The work, which has already captivated the hearts and ears of crowds in Australia and New Zealand will receive its UK premiere on 28 January 2006 at St. Andrew’s Hall, Norwich in a performance given by the United Co-op Yorkshire Brass Band under Musical Director Kevin Wadsworth.
    This forward looking ensemble, which is always looking for a new challenge and a way to bring new life to the banding movement as well as making bands appeal to a wider global audience, has embraced the challenge of Gregoritas and the opportunity to be part of one of the most important musical performances of 2006.
    The piece itself has already received amazing critical acclaim from some of the most well respected figures in the banding movement. Commenting on his thoughts of the music and the man behind the score, Elgar Howarth said: “Lawrence is the new boy on the block in the brass band world. His cornet concerto Blaze has taken everyone by storm in a superb performance by Richard Marshall. His scores are fresh in ideas and rich in scoring and attractive to the audience too. Gregoritas is his first major work for band so far, but others are to follow soon.”
    One of the most exciting performers of the day, Richard Marshall, has been the man who performed Blaze and rocketed Phil Lawrence’s music into the brass band limelight and he commented: “I remember that Gregoritas was a very vibrant and exciting piece which I believe should be made public to British audiences having heard it two years ago in New Zealand. It is a piece from a very fine musician, Phil Lawrence, who pushes the boundaries of the brass band instrumentation as he does in the hardest piece I have ever had to play, Blaze, his cornet concerto.”
    Tickets for the premiere of Gregoritas and the concert which will feature both the United Co-op Yorkshire Brass Band and its hosts Norfolk Wherry Brass can be obtained from the box office on 0800 783 7682, or you can buy online at www.broadlandmusic.co.uk.