High number of entries for Leicester Contest

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    The Leicestershire Brass Band Association Open Contest continues to grow in strength and number. The LBBA are pleased to announce a total of 45 bands have entered their Open contest, to be held at Guthlaxton College on Sunday 18th November.

    Each of the 45 entries will perform their own-choice test piece across five sections, with adjudicators this year being David Horsfield and Steve Pritchard-Jones. There will once again be an ‘unregistered’ section allowing further bands and training groups to perform and compete.

    A number of bands will be travelling the length and breadth of the country and will descend upon the halls of Guthlaxton College Wigston, Leicestershire in November. The contest commences at 10am.
    Further details of the event can be reached through Secretary Lesley Bentley via email on lesley.bentley@dsl.pipex.com
  2. IJK

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    So who is going??

    Ireland Colliery will be there for the first time and we are all looking forward to it. Have heard Bestwood are going as well in the fourth

    any others?
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    Yes I can confirm we are definately going also Rolls Royce, Whitwell and Thoresby Youth will be in attendance.
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    Carlton Brass will be there in the 2nd Section
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    Daventry Brass in the 2nd.
  6. Pythagoras

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    Dronfield in the third
  7. I think that Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble (Yorkshire 3rd section) will be going, hope we do coz I aint contested in ages!