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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by brasscrest, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. brasscrest

    brasscrest Active Member

    Just looked at the list of those online at the moment, and noticed that there were four hidden users :!:

    Oh hidden ones, not trying to "blow your cover" :) , but why do you hide :dunno

    I'm sure some of the hidden ones have creative reasons :!: :wink:
  2. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    Also includes people that have forgotton to sign in, or who have just navigated here, and are in the process...
  3. brasscrest

    brasscrest Active Member

    I think that those would be listed as "Guests". There are also "Hidden", which means that they've checked the box to "hide online status" in their profile.
  4. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    Yes. Sorry, you're right! :roll:
  5. brasscrest

    brasscrest Active Member

    It happens occasionally :wink:

    I'm hoping that there are some creative/funny/different reasons, although I suspect that the hidden ones may not be posting much.
  6. Fishsta

    Fishsta Active Member

    Hidden users usually hide themselves as they don't like people to know they're online.

    If you think about it, the internet is quite intrusive. You are always asked for details about yourself, even when they're not necessary (which is in direct conflict with the Data Protection Act).

    One of the things that is easiest to find is whether someone is online or not.

    There are times when people wish to just pop on the internet without having to respond to any acquaintances who may be online at the time.

    So, they don't sign into any messaging services, they have the option of hiding themselves on the active user list of almost any forum.

    It's a personal choice, that is all.
  7. Di

    Di Active Member

    As Fishsta says, not everyone wants people to know the're on-line. Some d be children whose parents have set up membership for them??
  8. brasscrest

    brasscrest Active Member

    At least on this forum, the profiles don't include age information, so you can't tell from them whether the user is a child or not. Although I can see where a parent might want to hide the online status of a child user in some cases.
  9. Di

    Di Active Member

    Got to admit the first week or so that myself and Vickitorious were registered I kept Vicki's online status hidden, but with frequent use and getting to know how well the site was controlled, (gotta say it again at the risk of being told i'm grovelling :lol: ), with John and the mods doing a great job, I was very soon confident to let her status be known and let her have "free rein" to roam at will through the site.
  10. brasscrest

    brasscrest Active Member

    I've got a couple of daughters myself, and I can definitely see your point.

    And your assessment of the mods on this forum is really accurate - I belong to several other forums that aren't nearly as well-controlled.
  11. Despot

    Despot Member

    When I use the PC at home, it logs me in automatically..

    At work, it doesn't so it I probably pop up as a hidden user!

    There's not always a sinister reason! :D
  12. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    it shows you as a guest when its not auto-login...
    its all sinister :twisted: mwhahahah... ahahhahah... AHAHAHAhaHHAAAAAA :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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