Hidden Gems on SibeliusMusic.com (especially for Youth Bands/Lower Section Bands)

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    I don't know about you but I spend quite a bit of time scouring around trying to find new pieces for my Youth Band which (a) aren't cheesy or boring and (b) fit into small ensemble or allow for occasional missing parts whilst still sounding great.

    It's quite hard actually! Yet there are plenty of hidden gems on Sibeliusmusic.com that I have found, so I thought I would start this thread (I have no connection to any of the composers/arrangers or Sibelius).

    Here are a few I have found that are going/have gone down really well with my lot (only 9 of them, aged between 7 and 17, no trombones, one horn, one Bari, one Euph, one Bass and sometimes an able repiano/flugel player, the rest on cornet, oh and a kit player).

    David White (Dai Bach)

    Simply Brass (Beginners/Learners)
    Simply Brass 2
    Primary Brass (Moving On)

    Patrick Verhaegen

    3 Days (Free)
    Chasing the Mob (Free)
    Loving Music (Free)

    Francis Clifford

    Celtic Dance
    Scarborough Fair (Senior, Championship, Section Band play this one, a fantastic different, dark and flowing arrangement)
    Concert Overture (Free)(also available as 10 piece version)
    Summer Romance

    We are now just starting on Francis' Legend Suite and Film Music Suite this year now.

    Anyone else got any pointers to hidden gems on there (or anywhere else for that matter)?
  2. Andrew Norman

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    Try www.pdfbrass.com most of my music will work with your combination especially if bari plays the 1st trombone part.
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    i have just recently resigned as a conductor for a youth band, and i know how hard it is to find music that fits the band.

    try to get hold of Henrik Juul-Pedersen, at http://www.henrikjuulpedersen.com/

    He might be able to set you up with something.
    He will also be at the Butlins competion.

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    Have a look at Jock McKenzie's 'Baroque to Rock' and 'Brass at the round table'. Think I got them from Mostyn music.
    Really well written for smaller groups (shared trom/bari parts), but work well with a band too.
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    Don't think I've heard of those two, thanks.

    We use some of the Jock McKenzie books with our learners.

    The Simply Brass & Primary Brass from Dai Bach are equally good and a lot cheaper.

    Thanks for the pointer! :)
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    Thanks, I really like the Majorette, majority is simple enough for the beginners but also a little bit of meat for the more advanced players. Thanks! :D

    Will have a look through the others too for sure.