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  1. David Broad

    David Broad Member

    My first post. I only just discovered this forum

    In have been with Chedworth Silver Band for about 48 years, starting on Tenor Horn then Cornet, Principal Cornet, Sop, then filling in on Euph Baritone etc Carol playing while conducting.

    Currently I am learning how to do my arranging on computer as I am finding it ever more difficult to create neat work using pen and photocopier.

    I have been doing arrangements for 30 odd years, our concert on 23 April features half a dozen or so, Charpentier's Trumpet Tune and None Shall Sleep (Sop solo) which I arranged 25 or more years ago and Radetzky March, (Nothing like as good as Hargreaves but lower) Old Comrades, English Country Garden, Two Waldteufel Waltzes, American Patrol (Miller style Windy not Glen) etc. Which date from 2016. All non copyright you will note.

    I am thinking of publishing some of these arrangements on line and was looking for inspiration when I saw this forum.
  2. Lachland Davis

    Lachland Davis New Member

    I'm looking for inspiration in me from this forum :oops:
  3. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    Welcome to tmp David. Generally this a welcoming and friendly forum.

    There are quite a few people on this forum who publish their own work so hopefully some of them will either post on this thread or send you a private message with advice.
  4. Lachland Davis

    Lachland Davis New Member

    I am very happy to receive your advice ;)
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