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  1. Hello i play in a jazz band and a mate of mine told me about this site who helps us out when we need him.
    So thought i would take a look.
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    You do know brass bands swing like a bag of **** right? Lol
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    Do they have many brass bands in Durness?
  4. MoominDave

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    The only one even vaguely within reach (as far as I've been able to find out) would be the Pentland Brass Band, based in Thurso - 2 hours by road in good conditions.
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    I was in Hoy (one of the Orkney Islands) a few years back, and a bunch of locals got together to form a choir that rehearsed in the local pub. Because there wasn't much else to do then the signup was pretty good (i.e. a lot of the island!)

    I know it'd be really difficult to get brass banders near a pub ;) but I wonder how successful a similar thing for a brass band would be.
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    There's a town band in Kirkwall, but that's a bit of a hike from Hoy for rehearsals maybe. It's not a coincidence that prime territory for growing brass bands tends to be places where distractions are few, but despite its isolation the Scottish Highlands has always been rather a brass band free zone. Not sure why - perhaps traditional Scottish music already occupied the community music niche fully? The line dividing banding from non-banding country in Scotland is almost a land contour line, and also something of a cultural contour line, dividing lowlands and highlands; perhaps that has a bearing too.
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    Yes, I think you're right - the tradition there is well, traditional music, so there's no existing brass band culture. It's also a bit sparse in terms of population so I imagine it's a bit tricky to get existing brass players together regularly. However, I suspect an enthusiastic individual could get a Highland Brass Band of some form up and running - would be nice to see.

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    Mark Bell is currently putting a band together in Inverness, with exactly that same name, which is an important first step in any idea of propagating brass banding in the highlands, I think - its the biggest community up there, and the coastal fringe of brass bands that extends round past Aberdeen reaches as far as Elgin - a new band in Inverness can join on to the end of that arc.

    Approached from the other direction, I would think of Oban and Fort William as towns that could easily support brass bands, and Skye and Lewis as island populations that could happily do the same. Somewhere like Pitlochry would be a worthy waystation. Heading further North, Ullapool maybe? There really isn't that much in the way of habitation on the West coast North of Skye.

    But if you look at the places that supported brass bands in places like 19th century Yorkshire - specks of a couple of houses on the map, stuck mid-moor - then as you say there's no reason why local enthusiasm shouldn't create a band in every village... All that's missing is the enthusiasm!

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    Yes Gregor it could be a hard job trying to set up a band from scratch but if you don't try you will never know the possibilities.
    I moved to the North West of the Republic of Ireland, a brass dessert and have been 'growing' a band here, Hard work but very satisfying.

    See our Facebook Page it may give you some ideas. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Connacht-Brass/175626115906880

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    Great stuff - all the very best with it!
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    That's great, and Inverness seems like a sensible place to start. Hopefully, as you say, other bands will grow out from there.
  12. You 'am it, an' I'll try and play it.

    Some bands swing quite well. A good drumkit player is a big help towards achieving it.;)

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