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  1. sionrhysjones

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    Not exactly new to the site but not been really active and didn't know how too use the site properly until recently :)

    so ummm..... Hi :D

    My names Sion, 17, live in Wales, play the Euphonium.

    Signed with Abergynolwyn Silver Band ( principle euph )

    Been a 'dep' with Royal Oakley, Harlech Silver, Llanrug Band, Northop youth/senior band, and Beaumaris youth/senior band :)

    Also play principle with Gwynedd&mon senior brass and the symphonic band :)

    National Youth Brass Band of Wales 2010 (Bari) + 2011 (Euph) :)

    Love Brass, always have, always will.
  2. DublinBass

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    Won't hold the fact that you play euphonium (or are from Wales) against you ;-)
    Welcome (again) to tMP!!
  3. sionrhysjones

    sionrhysjones Member

    haha! thanks :)

    handy website for results, tips near enough anything :)

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