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    I have recently joined this site and have enjoyed reading many posts.

    After a break of 16 years I restarted playing early last year and am throughly enjoying playing with a band again.
    I started playing at the age of 12 whilst living in the Manchester area during my school years I played with Salford Silver, Swinton and Pendlebury silver, Swinton and Pendlebury High school, Eccles and the last band I played with was Irlam.

    I then joined the forces as a junior leader and was a cornet player untill 1982 when I swtiched to French horn, studied at the Royal Military school of music and finally left the Army in 1994.

    I am now on cornet and as I have said it is great to be back in the brass band world. I do have a small issue and that is one of the correct mouthpiece, but the will sort itself out I am sure.
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    Just wondering if your with a contesting band or not and I play on denis wick 4 mouthpiece. Find it easier to play with this mouthpiece than others and when playing it, it is easy to get a good range.
  3. 4344dave

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    Yes with a contesting band 4th Section, played on a DW 4b although did have a problem with upper register so have switched to a yamaha equivalent good sound and eaiser to play on