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    Hi, I'm new to tMP (obviously!) - Two things MY TROMBONE WAS STOLEN! Poo! And secondly (when I get a replacement), I would like to start doing as much playing as possible. (I'm finding it slightly hard to navigate my way aroud tMP at the mo, but I'm sure I'll get there. I'm a Bass Trombone player (firstly), but have been known to get my old tenor out and have a bash at second trombone (and on one painfull occasion), first trombone in a big band. I'm in the nottingham/derby area so if anyone can help me out finding some playing that would be great. - level of playing - good amamteur groups, up to pro. I'm a brass teacher (at the moment) for Derbyshire. If there are any bands or groups a bit further out that need a bass trombone I'd be willing to travel (within reason) for the cost of my petrol. Thanks, Ben