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    Hello I am Michael Caddy I am 15 and I created the website for the upcoming band Kernow Concert Brass. We will be starting in January and hope to be the next big thing in Cornwall. Please visit out website: http://www.kernowconcertbras.co.uk (Some areas need to be 'ironed out' as it were)
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    :hi to tMP Michael. I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress from January. Good Luck with being the 'next big thing in Cornwall'!!

    You've missed and 's' off brass on your web address.
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    Maybe he's starting a new line of brass player lingerie :)

    :hi Michael
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    :hi to tMP Michael:clap:
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    Hi Michael
    :hiaboard my freind ..
    sure you'l have many hours of fun on here .. join in with the thread games!! :tongue: but hope you dont turn into a saddict like most of us who join in hehe!
    Sopha x