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    Hi everyone

    I'm Annie and I play rep for Epping Forest. Now I've got that confession off my chest I feel a lot better.

    I'm a mum to 3 young adults, various rats, a rabbit and a husband - (they warned me I'd be gaining a son, but I still got married)- and work as an industrial chemist.
    I'm an avid reader, Radio 4 listener, jazz vocalist and pianist (classical, not jazz - I can't do it without dots and lots of practise). I play cornet for anyone who asks, consequently I get to attend a lot of funerals and the odd wedding.

    It's great to find a cyberplace where I'm not considered a little odd - or, at least, where others seem a little odder.
  2. Rapier

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    Annie, I actually know you and sorry, but no one here is 'odder' than you. ;)
  3. annieds

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    That is scary! When you say you 'know' me, how much do you mean? It was the drink, honest. I'd never have done it otherwise!

    Anyway, I'm not odd. I'm eccentric