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  1. matt_BBb_bass

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    hi my names matt been playing for around 8 yrs and i no play for camborne youth.
    i now play BBb bass yea its big and im small :clap: well done me. im 15 now and have played with camborne youth on 2 of there wins at the national youth champs.:)
  2. Di

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    Hi Matt and :hi to tMP.

    Sounds like you're having a great time with that bass! I agree, they are flippin big aren't they. Do you find it a problem finding somewhere to keep it in the house? They don't tuck neatly away in a little corner do they. :rolleyes:

    Congrats on the wins with Camborne. :clap:
  3. I can only play a lil cornet :) Even tenor horn is a bit big for me lol, play flute and picollo too, but of piano and singing.
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    Hi Matt, welcome to tmp. Im Simon & i play Bb bass for Brighouse & Rastrick Band. Hope you enjoyed our joint concert the night before the contest & keep at it on that bass!

  5. matt_BBb_bass

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    Hi Simon tea i did enjoy it and your bass section in marriage of figaro was amazing hope i will be as good as your bass section and band one day
  6. matt_BBb_bass

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    Hi thanks all yea di big instument lucky i can play it. And Simon hi the consert we played with Brighouse and rastick was amazing your bass section in marriage of figaro was amazing so was your band.