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    Thought I would drop in and introduce myself briefly.
    My name is Angei, I'm 32, married with 2 children, and have been banding for - :eek: ....22 years!!! (scary!).
    I am very lucky to play 1st Baritone for the brilliant Norfolk Wherry Brass, who have just won the L &SC 3rd section at Stevenage this weekend - 2nd section & Harrogate here we come!:woo .
    It would be great to hear from fellow brass enthusiasts out there - I have been looking around the site, and there are a couple of familiar faces/names, but you can never know too many people!
    Look forward to chatting with you all!;)
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    :hi to tMP! Congratulations on your result in the Regional contest.
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  4. Di

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    Hi Angei and welcome again.

    Yet another baritone player .... must be a sign of good things to come eh? Baritones will soon rule, mwhahahaha :);)
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    Welcome to tmp!

    I went to school with Andrew Craze down in Cornwall and I never ever thought I'd ever see him in a position of authority waving a stick :-?, really pleased to see your result on Saturday and hope you enjoy another trip up to Harrogate!
  6. angei

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    Thanks very much! We were certainly pleased with how thing's went, and are really looking forward to another stab at the Finals this year.
    Do you have any embarrassing photo's of Andy from years gone by?!!!:wink:
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    Oh yes - our numbers grow daily. :woo

    It will soon be time for a total take over :pig