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  1. Tracey

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    Barnsley, South Yorkshire
    Hi I'm Tracey Bostwick and I play repiano cornet for Old Silkstone Band.

    I have been playing for 31years (I started very very very young!!!), as a youngster I played cornet with Maltby Miners Welfare Band in Rotherham South Yorkshire, but after moving to Barnsley to do my nurse training I had a 5year break. I then joined Old Silkstone band in Barnsley on cornet in 1990 and then onto flugel until recently when I moved back to cornet.

    I am married to Wayne who plays BBb bass with Old Silkstone and we have a 6 year old daughter, Megan, who is now wanting to play euph (she can get a better sound out of it than me!).

    Wayne also started Old Silkstone B band 3 years ago and he's just in the process of starting a small training band and I'm the secretary.

    I am also the senior bands contest secretary and am also responsible for 'encouraging' bands to enter our annual March and Hymn Tune contest in July.

    When I'm not banding I work as a full time ward sister on a Gastroenterology ward in Barnsley, so don't have much time for anything else especially as Megan is in a theatre group and performs in shows twice a year' although Wayne keeps us well supplied with buns and cakes especially on special occasions.

    Anyway that's enough blurb from me and although I haven't done any posting yet I soon will be. Love to have a good debate!
  2. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    :hi welcome Tracey, glad to see you got here on tMP.

    If, as you say, you love a good debate, you'll find plenty of those here.... enjoy :tup
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