Hi to all tMP members - from TrumpetMaster.com

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    Hi tMP members,

    You have a wonderful site here!

    We - www.TrumpetMaster.com are one of the premier trumpet/cornet sites on the web. On the TM trumpet and cornet players can find: Trumpets, cornets, mouthpieces, and trumpet accessories for sale in our Classifieds. Our Trumpet Employment section has the most up to date trumpet jobs on the web. Join trumpeters from around the world in the Forums where discussions range from trumpet equipment, and trumpet fundamentals to orchestral and jazz trumpet performance and much more. (including a forum dedicated to cornets and vintage trumpets) Our newly launched Chat Room lets you talk trumpet / cornet live with players from around the world 24/7.

    We have an exciting contest running until April 15 that features Eclipse Trumpets UK! The prize has yet to be determined but past winners have walked away with free custom trumpets :D For more info please check the contest forum here


    If you are looking for more trumpet/cornet specific discussion feel free to stop by when you have the chance. You have a great web site and group here. And you should all be very thankful for a webmaster who has created such a place for you. Things like this take time, money, and expertise. Best Wishes!
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    Leigh, a big :hi from everyone here at tMP. Hope you like our big family atmosphere on this site and you will enjoy the vibrant discussions that make up our time on this site. Feel welcome to add comments or start new topics whenever you want!