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  1. Katy Schrover

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    Hi to all, glad to meet you, my name is Katy, I'm 16 years old and I'm from Wrexham.

    I'm currently principal cornet in Llangollen Silver Band and Wrexham County Youth band. I'm also solo cornet in Llay Welfare Band. Not really very well- known bands, I know, but they're great fun to play in! I'd like to make a career out of music in the end, I've just finished my AS and my lecturer gave me full marks in one of my compositions (woo, go me!). It was a piano duet, as I play piano too, but there's not as much you can do with a piano as you can with a cornet!

    I'm really glad I found this forum where I can chat to people with similar interests, so I should be on quite a bit. As well as music, I love Harry Potter (with a passion!) and being an eccentric.

    I did the Whit marches last Friday with Llay. We came 42nd or something last year which was disappointing but we hope to have done better this year as we have a new conductor (we've had 5 conductors in the past 2 years or so but thankfully I think we've reached a stage of stability now =)). We played Men of Harlech and Cross of Honour, which were two great pieces! Although by the end of it we were all shattered and I didn't get in til 2 in the morning. But it's all good fun.

    Anyway, that's me in a nutshell! And here I am with my younger sister Mia, just after a festival we did earlier this year (I'm the one with the dark hair and glasses =))


  2. Heylo =) Welcome to tMP! You should have fun.. you'll just have to ignore some people.. there are a few scary people on here! ;) (just kidding guys) :D

  3. Katy Schrover

    Katy Schrover New Member

    Nice to meet you :D. I shan't worry about the scary people hehe, I live in Wrexham so I've learned to live with the scariest (I think/hope!)
  4. Now you've said that.. I'd watch out for the Wrexham people! :p
  5. DaveR

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    I used to be a Wrexham person too! So watch out Lucy! :hammer

    Hi Katy :hi to tMP! I've depped a couple of times at Llan, and at Llay! :cool: Who's conducting at Llangollen now? I presume Trevor Sutherland is still conducting Llay? Say hi to him from me!
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  6. Katy Schrover

    Katy Schrover New Member

    I will do! Trevor Sutherland stopped conducting a few years ago, then we had loads of new ones, but now he's back! He's been conducting Llay for about a year now and he's done a lot of good things for the band. Albert Hammonds used to conduct Llan but recently he had to give up due to health problems, so Trevor Williams has taken over the baton.
  7. Tack7

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    Thought id add my welcome, seeing as my sis has too. Have fun & welcome.

    Si B&R
  8. DaveR

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    Well, I know Albert and Trevor Williams from a long time ago, so say hello to them too! They'll probably look at you blankly and ask who you are talking about, but if you tell them I used to play for Rhos, and then moved to Tarporley they may remember!
  9. jamieow

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    A fellow Wrexhamite!!
    I know Trevor very well, done many jobs with Llay and Trev's 10 piece a few years ago - Along with Gaz Wyn - BT band, Gwyn - ex Point of Ayr etc etc
    Say hello to John Herbert also - I used to play in his Youth band, and the old Wrexham Youth Band when Maureen Cameron was the conductor.

  10. Katy Schrover

    Katy Schrover New Member

    I sure will say hi to everyone! Great to know I'm not the only Wrexhamer =). Jamie, I looked on your profile and it says you've played for Northop Band? Don't know how long ago this was but do you happen to know Kate and Tom Challinor? They're good friends of mine from Northop. I played with Northop once, they're really good.
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  11. TheMusicMan

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    Welcome to tMP katy, lovely to see such confidence in your first posts here :hi
  12. :eek: What I doooo?! *looks around* It wasn't me!:rolleyes:
  13. super_sop

    super_sop Supporting Member

    Hi, Katy and a very warm welcome, good to see some folks From Llan on here at last.

    Say Hi to everybody from me, its been a while since ive been down there.
    I have very fond memorys of my time there. Sorry to here Albert isnt doing so well, pass on my regards please.

    If your ever short of a player give me a shout, i'll see what i can do.

    By for now.

  14. Andybassbone

    Andybassbone Member

    Not sure if it counts, but i played for Rhos (Wrexham Brass now) when they won the 1st Section on Music for the Common Man in Swansea (not sure what year that was!) At the time a very drunk bass trombone player (who normally didn't like the English) announced that he had made me a honorary Welshman for helping them win.........
  15. daveredhead

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    hi there

    Hi welcome to this very friendly site,you are very confidant, it took me years to even log on, but welcome and give my regards to Linda Kay whom i met at summer school a couple of years ago,
  16. TheMusicMan

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    No stopping you now though eh Dave... go go go... :)
  17. LeDragon

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    Hello! I saw Llay on the Whit Friday circuit at Stalybridge Labour Club - had a chat to Trevor and also to Kevin Jones who was depping with you.