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  1. oliver pickup

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    Mum found this site for me , and for once let me join . I play the tenor horn and have just got a french horn as well. I'm looking for a gold coloured mouth piece for the tenor and could do with some help on where to look for cheapest.
    i play for a boys brigade brass band and am going along to a county orchestra audition soon.
    I will start high school in september this year.
    I also play guitar at school.
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    Hi Oliver :hi and a big welcome to tMP.

    Your Mum did good to allow you to join here, please let her know we pride ourselves on being what we call a fff - a Family Friendly Forum. Hope you enjoy it here, there's loads of information for you to browse through. If you need help, just shout.
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    Hi Oliver,

    Welcome to tMP and thanks to 'Mum' for letting you join. :tup As John has said above we pride ourselves on being a family friendly forum so you are in very safe hands from an expert team of moderators. We look forward to hearing your news and views and hope you will contribute to the extensive topics that we discuss on tMP. I'm sure it won't be long before someone points you in the right direction regarding your 'coloured' mouthpiece.

    Have fun!

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    Welcome Oliver. Remember if you need any help with using the site you can contact any of the team :tup. We are the people with 'admin', 'super moderator' or 'moderator' next to our usernames.
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    And our names are in red or orange colors...

    Welcome to theMouthPiece.com (or "tMP" as we call it!)
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    Hi Oliver, welcome to tMP
    I play the tenor horn aswell and i love it to bits. Is the french horn harder to play or is it quite easy, i've always wondered but i've never known anyone who plays the french horn to ask? Sarah x
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    Hi, I dont like the french horn. Its just different. I,m gonna let mum tell the teacher. I just prefer the tenor at the moment. sorry about delay for answer.