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    I thought I ought to throw in my hello....

    I'm 40, from East Sussex. I have been playing brass since I was about 14, all that time however it has been with a non-valve marching youth band. I first played bugle, progressed to lead solo, then moved on to a non-valve Parforce horn. Our band has been right at the top of the traditional youth marching band scene for many years which has allowed us to play all sorts of venues from the Albert Hall right down to school FĂȘtes.
    Recently at our AGM we have opted to switch to full brass.. As the brass section leader it fallen to me to do most of the teaching with the help of a professional brass teacher once a month.
    I must confess however that I have always longed to play in (as we call them) a 'sit down' band. Perhaps one day....

    Anyway, enough rambling...
    Andy Marsh.
  2. Jane Stewart

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    Hi Andy,

    Welcome to the world of brass bands! If you check the scaba website (www.scaba.co.uk) it has direct links to lots of bands in East & West Sussex and Kent (depending on where you are based). If you want a chat about local bands, please pm me your phone number and I'll give you a call.

    LGB Brass/scaba
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    Good morrow Andy! Enjoy your time tMPing! :hi
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    Hi Andy,
    Welcome. I also live in East Sussex. There are also plenty of non-contesting bands not listed on the SCABA website, so have a search around.
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    Thanks for you welcome all...

    I'd like to join a band but I have a couple of reservations. First, I wouldn't be able to let down the kids I teach... That means Thursdays and Sundays are out for practices and a good number of days during the summer season I have to cart my daughter who plays cornet around to the various parades and competitions we do..... but that is just a matter of dates.... The other thing that worries me is that I have no idea of the kind of standard of playing expected by bands. I can hold a tune (here is a little recording I made for fun... ) but my music reading is err... slow to say the least.
  6. Jane Stewart

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    Hi Drew,

    Check the bands' websites. They usually tell you their rehearsal night(s) and who to ring to get more information.