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    Hi my name is Steve from Skegness Lincolnshire. I've been involved with Skegness Silver Band on and off for a number of years in various guises, percussionist, trombone, Bb Bass (briefly) and now Eb Bass (which I love). We're currently preparing for the Midlands Area 4th Section comp having had a disappointing result at the Leceister Regionals. I've been playing Eb Bass since August 2011 and am currently preparing for my first grading this March (Grade 6) - I must be mad.

    I have a long history in music and originally trained at Birmingham Conservatoire as a Double Bassist before working professionally for a brief while on electric bass mainly as a live session player (I love turning up and reading the dots!!!). I am currently Director of music at William Lovell School in Stickney, Lincs. As a hobby I write songs about life and stuff and also play acoustic and electric guitar. I even have an album on iTunes!!!!

    I'm absolutely loving playing Eb Bass and wish I'd discovered it as a teenager so I'm making the most of it at 44. I hope someday I'll own my own bass and am currently very interested in the Wessex tubas. Hope they make a rotary valve version soon.

    Anyone got any tips for keeping your back straight for a 6'2" player. I find putting the bass between my legs comfortable but the lead pipe seems a little low.

    Any Skeggy banders out there please add me as a friend
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    Welcome Steve.

    Being a smidge over 6'2" myself, I would suggest putting the bass on your lap. The leadpipe will not be that much higher up, and you won't be bending your back to get to the mouthpiece. The only bass I ever rested on the chair rather than my lap was one of the Sov BBb Beasts.


    I too found this a great problem on both EE and BB bass,I got so fed up with it when some idiot designed the sovereign bass that had the leadpipe so high up that it went over your head when the bass was sat on a chair !You can buy a bass stand but I found that the adjustment on them wasn t enough so I made my own years ago and now I can t do without it.Ask your band for an old broken cymbal or music stand and weld a plate onto it to stand the bass on...this can be adjusted to suit any chair and height of player or make of instrument....Just don t let anyone nick it.I am going to Blackpool next weekend to hopefully test the Wessex BB compensated bass.
  4. Steve Lowndes

    Steve Lowndes New Member

    Thanks for the advice. I tried it sat on my right leg today and it felt much more comfortable to play but made my leg hurt. I have a tuba stand at the band room I used to use for the BBb so I might try that at practice tomorrow. I met Jonathan of Wessex at Leicester and tried the CC rotary valve which I really liked but to be fair I'd only been playing 2 months then so I couldn't do it justice. I hope to try out the EEb in the future. Take a look at the bubbie as well. It looks like a tenor horn but plays like a tuba!!! I'm fortunate enough to be able to play the bands Sovereign Besson 981 at the moment, which is a great beast.

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