Hi from South Wales!

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  1. Yay my first post ever! :)

    I'm not sure exactly what I should say so i'll talk randomly.. I'm a euphonium player from Cwmbran, South Wales. I play with various Greater Gwent Ensembles (which i love:D) and with my local Cwmbran Band.. who are FINALLY starting to compete! with little success though :( probably due to a lack of experienced players.. we have some really quite decent players on the end positions but the other players are little more than beginnners.. and this big contrast stops us from doing well..

    ah well! i've been talking toooo much so i think so i'll say byebye now! I'm quite glad i found this site it looks awesome! :D

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    Welcome to the hive of activity that is tMP! Enjoy yourself! :hi
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    Welcome from Melingriffth M2 ................good luck with contesting.........might catch up with you in October?
  4. Martin

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    Never mind. Winning is nice, but it's the taking part that really matters. Keep at it and your less experienced players will improve and you may even attract more players with a higher level of ability. Good luck :tup

    BTW - Welcome!! :)
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    Always good to welcome more folks to the site,join in and enjoy the banter
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    Welcome to tMP. I used to conduct Cwmbran band when we were 2nd section :) Good times... very good times.
  7. Thanks everyone! i'll be sure to have fun! :biggrin:

    @TheMusicMan- ooooo thats interesting! pity we're not still 2nd section ;) we might have changed a bit since you were last here!!