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    Hi all,

    I noticed a sudden influx of hits to my site and it turns out the themouthpiece.com was the culprit.

    I am a commercial trumpeter/educator who began in a brass band and have devoted my life to learning as much about how these brass instruments work as possible. I have learned some incredible things and Definitely some things that will challenge the way you look at playing.

    A member from here bought the eBook and sent me a message:


    I’ve very much enjoyed looking through the website and the e-book. I play cornet in the local brass band, and the material has been a real eye-opener - so many things I had read about but hadn’t properly understood now make sense! I’m now looking forward to working my way through the exercises. Thank you for all the trouble you have taken to make this information available.


    If you are having any issues with your playing or a just interested in hearing gold old brass talk, then pay me a visit.

    If you are interested in checking it out, come and say "Hi" at www.mysterytomastery.com

    Shoot me an email message and subscribe to the newsletter and youtube channel to stay notified when new videos get posted.

    Happy playing!!!