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    Hi im BOB_ formaly called Dean i play the Bb bass for sellers youth and for Kirklees youth brass (kybb) although i am playing Bass in the ballroom on the Eb at kybb and i play Eb bass fom my local wind band.
    Im 17 i enjoy swimming, sailing and scouting though banding is my life. i didnt have a musical family untill i started playing the trumpet aged 7 when my brother took up violin and my farther took up bass guitar. i was moved to baritone for a month by my wise brass teacher who then swiched me to Eb bass (although i t was bigger than me). im now at collage taking music, music technology and biology a-levels with ambitions to become a brass teacher or a primary school teacher and to get biger and better instruments e.g. sousaphone and a tuba in c.
    p.s. amazingly i took English at As though you wouldnt know by my spelling.
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    Hello! BOB_ !
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    hiyaaaaaaaaaaaa bob. hope ur ok chuck, let me know when u find out whether u've got in to leeds college. XX
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    hi should find out about about leeds by tues bt no news yet
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    Hi Bob

    Welocme to the madness that is tMC! Arh, a bass player, perhaps you have somethingto say about the "ugliest section of a brass band" thread - most agree it is the bass section;)
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    i've already posted on that thread ive said it was 2nd and 3rd cornets.
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    Sorry Bob.

    Im not sure I agree with 2nd \ 3rd cornets - ok, some can be a bit scarey but in the most, they are harmless.

    Now, something you mentioned earlier about Sousaphones- dont they conceal \ hide the bass player effectively? If so, perhaps there would then be no need for the horn section as the bass section would be hidden...... opps, Im a horn player, no, forget that line of thought.
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    theres no need to hide the bass section everyone knows that we're the best looking section of them all. the only reason horns are infront is so that people listen to us if itwere bass at the fron the audience would be fixated on our radient beauty
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    Dont be too harsh Dyl, his fingers move faster than his poor brain can cope with!!
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    i just have to say what a day to be English :clap: :clap: :clap: england beating the aussies in

    rugby union, England beating Argentina and my personal faviorite GB beating the kiwis in the tri-nations series (i was there) we hammered them.:hammer
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    thought i had better mention the crickit as i forgot in my last post and why is it that of all the sunday papers only 1 mentions the rugby league
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    hello bob:D